Everyone loves a haunted house. But even creepier than a normal, boring haunted house is an historic building that can range from a hotel, to a hospital, to even a lonely stretch of road that supposedly takes lives with reckless abandon due to the overwhelming amount of supernatural activity. If you happen to be taking a trip around the world and love the idea of encountering a potentially evil specter, here are some infamous places you may want to check out.

8The Princess Theatre – Australia

The Princess Theatre - Australia
img source: pri.org

In the city of Melbourne, you’ll find the Prince Theatre, which is thought to be one of the most haunted buildings in all of Australia. The theatre was built in 1854, and in 1888 the audience that was in the house to see a performance of Faust got more than they bargained for when an actor named Frederick Baker died on stage. Making this even creepier, he reportedly said “I will give a great performance tonight, but it will kill me,” and while he was no doubt speaking metaphorically he proved to be startlingly accurate. Ever since his death, his spirit is said to wander the theater, starting with that very curtain call. He had died before the performance ended, but his costars swore he was on stage taking a bow right along with them.

7Tuen Mun Road – Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Road - Hong Kong
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Remember when we were talking about a stretch of road that supposedly takes countless lives, seemingly indiscriminately? Well, let us tell you about Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong, which was home to an absurdly high amount of traffic fatalities in the late 1970’s and has been believed to be haunted ever since. Of course the more deathly accidents that take place, the more spirits are said to haunt the expressway, causing even more crashes by jumping out in front of unsuspecting drivers, who then careen out of control and often over the side of a 115 foot cliff just off to the side of the shoulder.

6Ancient Ram Inn – England

Ancient Ram Inn - England
img source: blogspot.com

The Ancient Ram Inn looks like a place straight out of Harry Potter. It’s a quaint little roadside bed and breakfast in Gloucestershire, England, but despite looking like the type of place you’d take your grandmother for a nice cup of tea it turns out it’s actually a great place to scare the pants off of her. That’s because the Ancient Ram Inn is believed to be one of the most haunted places in the UK, with numerous ghost sightings in the centuries since it was built. It’s been featured on several ghost hunting shows, which basically means that if you visit and don’t see a ghost, at least you’ll see a bunch of middle aged dudes walking around talking to themselves in empty rooms.

5Castle of Good Hope – South Africa

Castle of Good Hope - South Africa
img source: tajcapetown.co.za

In South Africa you’ll find the Castle of Good Hope, which is one of the oldest colonial buildings in the entire country. Construction began in 1666, so right away you know it’s got the creepy factor working with 666 right there in the date of construction. It is also believed to be the most haunted place in all of South Africa, with ghost sightings taking place over the years including in 1915, when a six foot tall specter was seen in its basement. This same mysterious phantom has been spotted over and over, including instances where people swear they have seen him leaping over the battlements, because apparently he’s a bit of a show off when it comes to his ghostly vertical jump.


The Sultan's Palace - New Orleans
img source: blogspot.com

You know you’re in for a spooktastic time – and yes, we already apologize for using that phrase – when you’re heading to a place nicknamed the Harem of Horror. That’s what they call the Sultan’s Palace, located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which is considered one of the most haunted and terrifying spots in Louisiana. As you might guess from the nickname, it was used as a brothel at some points over the years, but its true legacy is when a mysterious Turkish man moved in and started locking and barring the windows, with no one quite sure what was going on inside. It turns out what was going on was a ton of brutal, bloody carnage, with mutilated bodies being discovered behind those locked doors. Yeah, not surprising that it’s believed to be just absurdly haunted, eh?


Iulia Hasdeu Castle - Romania
img source: cimec.ro

Romania is known for some pretty creepy stuff, most notably being one of the homes to that whole “vampire” thing. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of Romania’s most famous castles is also one of the most haunted places in all of Europe. Iulia Hasdeu Castle was built in the late 19th century, following the death of a man named Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu’s daughter, Iulia. One of the reasons it’s considered haunted is the fact that Hasdeu is believed to have taken up the practice of spiritualism, attempting to contact his dead daughter for the rest of his life. It’s thought by many he succeeded, too, with numerous sightings of a phantom believed to be Iulia over the years.


Bhanghar Fort - India
img source: indiamike.com

Bhanghar Fort in India is not just believed to be haunted by tourists, but also by locals to the extent that setting foot on the premises is pretty strictly forbidden for fear of a curse that exists on the grounds. There are actual signs posted warning people away from the fort, which is believed to have been inhabited by a wizard, who is the guy who put the curse on the fort itself. Because, you know, that’s what wizards do when they decide to go all evil and whatnot. In addition to this wizard’s curse, it’s also thought that the ghosts of everyone who has ever died at the fort haunt the grounds, waiting to strike with furious vengeance any unsuspecting people silly enough to visit.


Hell Fire Club - Ireland
img source: everytrail.com

Based on the name alone, you’ll probably think that the Hell Fire Club is either super creepy or supremely awesome. Of course if you’re an X-Men fan, obviously you think it’s just all kinds of awesome. Located in Ireland, this relatively small, unassuming ruin was built as a hunting lodge but in secret was used as a meeting place for people who thought that a more fun hobby would be devil worship and the occasional act of animal sacrifice. Murder, debauchery, and all sorts of other assorted Pagan rituals are associated with the Hell Fire Club, which is probably how it got its name, after all. Naturally, with its rich history of devil worship it’s believed to be one of the most haunted places in all of Ireland, and is a popular destination for people who apparently like to bask in the glory of brutal animal sacrifice.