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A stag does or a bachelor party as it’s called in the USA is a great way to have fun and chill out while also discovering a new country. Most of the groups spend their time doing daytime activities such as shooting or go-karting or rafting, and nighttime activities such as e.g: a guided bar crawl or VIP nightclub entry. Some groups prefer to organize the whole event on their own, while others search for help from professional companies. Yet, almost all of the groups want to play some drinking games. We’ve asked one of the stag operators – who is a Krakow-based stag company – for their feedback on the most fun / creative drinking games they have organized or seen groups playing. Here are some intriguing games that will keep you entertained:

1. Toy soldiers

For this game, you will only need a bag of toy soldiers. The rules are simple, and for the beginning, every person needs to pick one toy from the bag randomly. It is crucial to close your eyes or find an opaque bag since that makes the game much funnier. After that, you should remember the pose of your toy solider and wait for the best man. The best man can shout “assume your position” whenever he wants, and you need to take the position of your toy. It is not a new game, but it will always be fun.

2. Finding the bride

It may not be interesting for the groom, but it will be for the other guys in the crew. Every one should find a girl with the same name as the bride. It can be an unusual opportunity to check your detective skills. The main point of the game is to find a proper penalty for those who can’t find a girl. It can be whatever the crew thinks that will be funny.

3. Bar golf

Don’t worry if you are not a golf lover since this game can still be very amusing for you. You don’t need to take your golf clubs with you, but it will be much funnier if you have a golf outfit. Like in real golf, you should choose nine or eighteen pubs, and if you want to win, you should finish your drink in a few sips as possible. You are having a drink in every bar, and you can’t continue before you drink everything.

4. Wax game

Take some wax strips with you, and the fun can start. It is not something that can be over in an hour since this game is lasting for your whole journey. Whenever someone fails in a challenge or loses another game, you can make it much funnier for the crew, but not for the looser. The only thing you should do is to stop the first girl you see and ask her to put the wax strip on some part of the looser’s body. It may look like a painful penalty, but don’t worry, since the girls are doing it all the time, your buddy will be okay.

5. Ben Hur

The game inspired by Ben Hur will make the whole bar laugh. First, you need to decide which bar is your next station. After that, you are dividing your friends into equal teams, and that’s when the real fun starts. Every team needs to choose the charioteer, and the others are roman chariots. Since they need to carry the charioteer to the next bar, it should be the lighter person in the squad. The rules are simple, the charioteer shouldn’t touch the ground, and the others can carry him in every way they want. The winner is the team which comes first to the next station.

6. Message for all

The phones are a big part of our life, but sometimes they need to be off. One of those situations is a stag party with your friends. The rules are simple, and all you need is not to use your phone while you are at the party. But if you disobey the rules, the penalty can be extreme. If you are using your phone, and others see it, you need to give it to the groom. The groom is then sending a text message to every person from your contacts, while the others watch. No matter if the groom is your best friend, be sure that he won’t miss the opportunity like that.

7. Relay 4×250 ml of beer

You don’t need any equipment for this game since all you need are eight plastic cups, eight people, and a beer. Pour beer into plastic cups, then get started with this game by taking over the rules of a very similar sport. Divide into teams of four players each. Each squad has to choose the order in which the players will drink glasses of beer, and the team that finishes first with the relay drinking of four glasses of 250 milliliters each wins. The game is simple, but the fun is guaranteed.

8. I have never…

The player starts the game with the sentence ‘I never …’ and ends it with his words (you play it in a clockwise direction). Example: ‘I’ve never been to Paris.’ All those who have never been to Paris must immediately take a sip from their glasses. This game is very amusing! It’s great that you will have a good laugh, drink in a great and cheerful company, and at the same time discover some intriguing things that you didn’t know about your friends. Everything will probably be tight and decent in the beginning, but after a few glasses, you will be ready to reveal all your secrets.

Every of those game guarantees you great fun on your stag party, but many of them are including alcohol, so be careful. The point is to enjoy the night full of laughter, and not to take care of some extremely drunk friend all night. But, if one of you is getting married, you are probably old enough to know your limits and play those games without any problems. Those games are only a few of the most popular ones, and if you don’t like them, you only need to use your imagination, and you will find a perfect one for you and your squad. Having a great time and memories is the only thing that matters in the end.