Your home’s exterior has a huge impact on first impressions and should be approached with a considered strategy.

Just by looking from across the street, prospective buyers can tell whether they’re initially interested, and much of that interest comes down to the design choices you make and the work you put in. Below are some changes and upgrades you should consider if you want to draw in more interested parties to your property.

7Front door


Your front door is almost like the centerpiece of your exterior design, and although it might seem basic, an update might just make your whole house look that much more inviting. This might mean something simple like a fresh paint job or even something practical like security screening.

Security screens are an important addition for safety purposes, but they usually lack visual appeal, so you might consider adding a pop of color around the frame, or positioning the screen on the inside of your original wooden door. Additionally, you can give your knocker and doorknob a stylistic upgrade or at the very least a spit and polish to make them stand out.



A well-considered garden can take time and effort to create, but the year-round sense of luxury and relaxation it can bring makes for a worthwhile investment. For a full do-over, start by considering the lawn, and whether you want to add turf, paving, or stepping stones. Beyond building a path to the front door, pavers are especially useful for separating garden beds, which look great filled with flowering plants or fresh produce.

Unless you’re an experienced gardener or someone with plenty of free time, try a low-maintenance approach in the form of evergreen plants and vegetables. According to Jim’s Mowing along with native, bush-variety greenery, spring onions, sweet corn, and lemons will grow during the colder months, as long as they are planted in nutrient-rich soil and regularly treated to a helping of compost.



More than a practical consideration, lighting can brighten up your yard in more ways than one. Front lights will never go out of style, especially those sensitive to movement, which makes it easy to find your way to the front door from a distance. For a more modern touch, consider placing tea lights along the path to your front door, or even hanging a string of fairy lights between trees.



A beautiful fence around your property keeps children and pets safe in the yard, but there are plenty of other reasons to invest here. A fence is a crafty way of hiding things you don’t necessarily want onlookers to notice, like miscellaneous garden detritus, unsightly fixtures, or ongoing DIY projects, as well as a design element in itself. Visit the website if you want to install a fence in your backyard that is affordable and would last long.

Whether you match it to the other colors and styles in your home or turn it into a statement feature, fencing can also add plenty of visual appeal to your yard. The right style of fence can even be used as a frame for growing climbing plants – the world truly is your oyster.

If you’re looking to put up a fence to add curb appeal to your house, consider checking out for a wide selection of high-quality fencing options. With their expertise and variety of styles, you can transform your property into a beautiful, well-protected home.



Your mailbox probably gets more attention than you might realize, and not just from the postman. Anyone who visits your house for the first time will be searching for a street number, so even if it isn’t a conscious decision, your mailbox will form part of their first impression.

Colorful exteriors will be enhanced by something that matches the scheme in some way, but neutral designs leave plenty of room for creativity, and if you’re willing to get your DIY gloves on, you can create almost any shape and style you like.



Everyone loves a welcoming seating area, and not just for the esthetics – a few seats will also do wonders for the practical usability of your backyard. Keep in mind that the furniture you choose will face a variety of weather conditions, so opt for materials which won’t be affected by the rain.

Wooden benches are a great outdoor option, and might even be simple enough for a DIY project, but if cushions are on the agenda, opt for a fabric like canvas or cotton treated with a protective coating.



No matter how much work you put into your yard, a bad paint job has the power to ruin your curb appeal completely. Paint can wear off over time and requires a refresh, and although the workload might seem daunting, it’s also a great opportunity to update an old color scheme.

If you’re choosing a new set of colors, aim for something that complements your interior style, and then get to painting. You can paint pretty much any building material, from classic timber to tough exposed brick, and even camouflage unsightly electrical boxes or pipes while you’re at it.

While many renovators get caught up in the details of the home interior, there are so many potential updates waiting around the outside which could completely change the face of your property. Look at your home from the perspective of your neighbors across the street, stepping back to see which elements work and which don’t.

And finally, when it comes time to make those necessary improvements, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, as the final result will be that much more satisfying.