Balcony gardens are ornamental and beautiful. You can grow almost any type of flower in your balcony garden but not all flowers can be appealing or decorative. Therefore, in this article, we will help you to make your balcony gardens be pretty with the most beautiful flowers.

These flowers not only are attractive and beautiful, but they are also very low maintenance and pretty easy to grow. You can grow them in hanging baskets, containers or window boxes. They will bloom almost anywhere making your balcony garden look amazing. Even if you don’t have a balcony you can still grow an indoor garden. Visit Growace to get the supplies you may need.


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Geranium is probably one of the most charming flowers you can add to your b balcony. It is a low maintenance plant and does not need much care. It is also very easy to grow. Geranium looks great and it has a sweet smell. In fact, it may be one of the most pleasant smelling flowers.

Geranium may produce multi-colored flowers of red, purple, white or pin colors.


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Impatiens are one of the rare flowers that manage to grow even under shade. Therefore, if your balcony is located somewhere under a shade, your best choice is to go with impatiens. Keep in mind, this does not mean that you can completely shade them from sunlight. It still needs some exposure to sunlight to produce its flowers. Plant this flower in well-drained but moist soil and it will give a scenic view to your balcony.

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Dianthus can come in different colors including salmon, red, white and pink hues. This beautiful flower releases a nice scent. However, its scent is not too tense or too strong, do not worry. This pretty flowres is easy to grow and will give your garden an amazing look if you mix it with some other flowers.


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This is probably the easiest flower you can grow on this list. These cute flowers can attract butterflies with their brightly colored flowers. When this flower blooms, it will provide a breathtaking view. To enjoy its blooms, make sure that you provide them with regular sunlight and watering.


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This is probably the most commonly found flower in a balcony garden. Petunia is an extremely charming and beautiful flower that can produce exquisite colors and release a very sweet fragrant (at night). The flowers of this plant can come in a lot of shades including white, red, pink, purple and white robes. You can grow it in hanging baskets and containers.


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This is also a very beautiful flower that you can use to decorate your balcony garden. Lobelia usually comes in blue color, but it is also available in pink and white colors. This plant is also easy to grow and care for. This plant loves sunlight, but can also be grown in partial shade too.


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This is one of the most amazing flowers you can put on a balcony garden. Fuchsia can come in several sizes, colors and thousands of shapes. Commercially, you can usually find it in white, red, orange, pink and purple shades. You can grow this plant in good quality and fertile soil.