When you ask employers informally, what their ideal worker is like, they will probably answer you: – The one who’ll work a lot for a small amount of money! The current situation in the labor market is certainly supporting their ideals. Employers have never before been overwhelmed by so many job applications. Hundreds and even thousands of candidates are applying for one job. Small businesses couldn’t even dream of such high-quality staff as they can afford today. But only if they know how to choose them. More and more time and energy are being spent on choosing the right employee. Therefore, employee selection is an increasingly desirable discipline. We present to you some methods and key steps in the selection of candidates. But also some original world practice solutions.

6One-click can lead you to the candidate

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Today, small and medium enterprises can afford the staff they once could only dream of. But unlike large companies that have HR departments, it is much harder for small businesses to cope with the tons of ​​applications. A selection is a very demanding and challenging process. It takes a lot of time and energy. That is why many entrepreneurs use the services of professional agencies that carry out the selection process for them. The pre-selection of CVs, telephone pre-interviews, structured interviews, psychological testing, checking of referrals, etc…Those are just some of the things the company must do before hiring someone. In the last ten years, technology has significantly influenced the selection of employees. Candidates were being clicked through a variety of online business networks. Through such networks, online interviews are also available to conduct. Ultimately, employment arrangements can be done with candidates worldwide. Small and start-up companies also have to fight for talents, since they are best targeted at larger and respectable companies. Then how to stand out from the established competition?

5The hiring process

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When a position for a particular job opens, there are some things to do before looking for candidates from the market. First, companies examine whether those positions can be filled within the company. In this way, the best possible use of employees is achieved. This can create great prospects for the development of your employees’ careers.

4Selection process

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All CVs are evaluated according to the requirements of each position and employment policy of the group. Based on the assessment, if the candidate’s CV meets the needs of the job position, he will be called to the first interview with HR department heads. For certain jobs, candidates may also go through an additional evaluation process. If the candidate has completed the previous degree, he will be invited to another meeting. Probably with the direct supervisor of the workplace, who will be assessing specific skills and knowledge relevant for the job. Upon completion of the interview process, each candidate receives information on the outcome of the results.

3Candidate security check

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Pre-employment candidate screening is one of the most important things in the work of the HR department. The primary task is to provide a comprehensive investigation of your job candidates and determine the level of security clearance. No HR service has sufficient capacity to screen candidates in this manner. Therefore, you can take advantage of professional services. Such agencies offer you the most efficient measures and experienced staff. You can rely on the help of private investigators, psychologists, polygraph examiners, etc. And all with respecting modern standards.

2Privacy and confidentiality

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All application details and CVs must be kept strictly confidential and serve solely for the assessment of the candidates’ qualifications. Only authorized employees are allowed access to the candidate pool. This information is stored in the database for up to two years. After that period, they are deleted from the database.

1Benefit system

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Each company must strike a balance between benefits. This is a part of the general management system in both larger and smaller companies. The system is designed to attract, motivate and retain employees who demonstrate appropriate capabilities. This simultaneously leads to the personal development of the employees. The system is designed based on the latest global business trends. The main purpose of the system is creating internal balance, justice, motivation and employee satisfaction. At the same time, this system contributes to the company’s competitiveness to attract the best candidates.


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