Are you in need of tarps to use in heavy-duty jobs against rips and punctures while also using tarps for fencing or fo field covers? Then look no further since PVC tarpaulin is exactly what you are looking for since it can offer you protection for your items from any damage during your heavy-duty jobs. PVC tarpaulins can be used in various industries since they will withstand almost anything. They can be used as fencing, as gym floors, for field covers and more.


So what exactly are these PVC or vinyl tarps? With a quick explanation of what PVC really is, it will help you understand whether vinyl tarps are really for you. Vinyl tarps are made from ethylene and salt which is what makes them much more water-resistant, durable and stronger. It is also very important to note that vinyl tarps are actually very environmentally friendly compared to other types of plastic tarps. We have made a quick guide on what PVC and vinyl tarps are and in which products they are used in.

2Types of tarps


– Heavy-duty vinyl tarps

These tarps are fire resistant and are used in fire fighting departments as salvage covers and are also used by businesses or homeowners in dry regions that are prone to wildfires.

– Light-duty vinyl tarps

These tarps can be used as a welding curtain, gym floor covering or as paint booth covers. Vinyl tarps can also be designed in any shape or size to meet your specific needs.

1Uses of PVC


– Tarpaulin Truck Covers

Since truck drivers are expected to always keep their cargo safe, it is important to you always use a durable tarp such as PVC tarpaulin.

– Inflatable Fabric

PVC is best known for its air holding ability and resistance against UV radiation.

– Ventilation Ducts

Corrosion is one of the biggest issues during construction, especially in commercial buildings where fumes, exhausts, and gasses can damage your HVAC system. Which is why PVC ventilation ducts are used to avoid this risk.

– Tent Fabric

Most tents are usually made from canvas, but PVC tarps have shown that they are a much better option because of their modern features and light fabric.

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Factors you need to consider before buying tarps


– How long will you be using the tarp?

Are you planning to use your PVC tarp for a shorter or longer period? Will you use it only temporary or will lit have a permanent use? The period of time you will be using the vinyl tarps will help you determine what type of tarp you should purchase.

– Function

Vinyl tarps are effective for long term protection against extreme weather conditions. This is why you should choose the right vinyl tarp to help you protect your materials and items from damage. The usage you will have out of tarps will help you choose the right type.

– Color and shape


Tarps can come in various shapes, colors, strengths and construction styles. You should choose the ones that suit your style and taste.

– Strength

The strength of the fabric can depend on several factors such as fabric weight, coating thickness, and stitching. All of these components determine the strength of the fabric. However, you should always go for the strongest one.