The entertainment industry and TV watching experience are changing very rapidly. It seems that every few months there is a new device that will make the user experience better. Android TV Boxes have taken the world by storm and are now one of the most popular products. In the following article, we are going to tell you why that is.

6Streaming Shows and Movies

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This TV box will provide you with an entirely new experience. Besides watching regular TV, you will be able to stream the latest movies and TV shows, and also to surf the Internet, check your email, make online purchases, access your accounts on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and so on. Furthermore, you can install numerous apps just like the ones you have on your smartphone or tablet.

5Google Store

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Another benefit that many people like, especially gamers is that you can purchase and install any game you want from the Google store. Not only will you save a significant amount of money because you won’t need an expensive game console, but you can also opt for games that can be downloaded free of charge. Build your own gaming library and try them all.

4Easy Installation

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All you need to install this device is a power outlet and a steady internet connection, meaning it can be used almost anywhere. Also, since it is small and light, it can be easily moved around and you can also carry it with you when going on a trip. This is a reason why people who often travel for work love this multimedia set. It can be easily packed in suitcases and used in a hotel room. We can all agree that TV programs offered by standard cable services are not very amusing, which means that this product will turn it from boring to enjoyable.

3Connect Other Devices

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You can connect your phone or tablet to the TV via Bluetooth and turn it into a multimedia center. This way you will be able to stream whatever it is running on those devices, anything from games, music to movies. All you need is a device that supports Bluetooth and USB 3.0 port which is the tx6 that you can find on VISSOTECH website.

2Regular Updates

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Since it is an advanced operating system, Android applies regular updates. These do not only fix bugs but also bring you new features and improve the existing ones. This means that if you have some problems with the device, all you have to do is to download and install the latest update (although this is usually done automatically). This is not possible with ordinary cable service. In case of an issue, you would have to call them and report it and then wait for a few days or even weeks for them to fix it.


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The last benefit and reason why you should purchase the Android TV box is the cost. Even though it might seem like an unnecessary expense, soon you will realize that, in the long run, it is actually cheaper than standard cable. Plus, it provides you with numerous features that your cable service does not offer.


All in all, these are some benefits of this TV Box. If you spend more time on your tablet watching YouTube videos and streaming movies then watching common TV programs it is probably the time to switch to Android TV Box.