As the world of games and gaming grows, there is an ever increasing demand on the industry to produce original ideas and features for the games. In the field of weapons, this need for originality has led to some weird and creative examples of devises designed to kill, maim and destroy any and all virtual enemies.

1. The Lancer Assault Rifle – Gears of War

The Lancer is half gun, half chainsaw and a great combination in terms of dealing with both longer range fighting and the more up close and personal kind. It could be argued that in the real world the weapon would be a little impractical, you’d have to be very careful for one thing that the chain didn’t cut into the barrel and destroy it. For another you’d run the risk when using it of loosing a finger (or worse) while trying to calve up an enemy; on the other hand, a true warrior would master the weapon before taking it into combat and would never make such an amateur mistake.

the lancer assault rifle


2. The Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun – Dead Space

The Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun has the duel use of being a tool for cutting boulders and the added bonus of being pretty useful at cutting zombies to pieces. It fires a horizontal wide-beam of energy slicing through whatever gets in the way and when upgraded can deal with several opponents at the same time. As a secondary function, the Line Gun has timed mines which on explosion release lasers that can pretty much cut through anything, unfortunately that includes the hero wielding the gun if he doesn’t get out of the way quick enough!

the handheld ore cutter line gun


3. The Bio Rifle – Unreal

The Bio Rifle has appeared in most Unreal games and fires a series of small green blobs of highly unstable waste matter which explode on contact with another player or stick to any object. Another option is a fully-charged shot that gathers the blobs into a much larger one, although slower moving, direct contact is universally fatal, which is always useful.

the bio rifle


4. The Redeemer – Unreal Tournament

They don’t come much more deadly than the Redeemer as it’s a hand held tactical thermonuclear missile launcher that can be controlled by the user or just let rip! When you decide to direct the nuke at a target, you can only see the missile’s point of view leaving you slightly vulnerable but if the target is hit, it’s vaporized. However, a direct hit is more of a secondary option as it’s generally not needed. The Redeemer’s missile causes a huge explosion which sends out shockwaves, anyone caught in its blast radius is almost certainly dead, regardless of armour.

the redeemer


5. The Snark – Half Life

The Snark, also known as Squeak Grenade is a living weapon with a single large green eye and a pincer like mandible. With the little intelligence they have, all a Snark knows is that if it sees a creature that isn’t one of its own kind, it attacks. When they go for the kill, they aggressively and with great persistence leap at and bite their target. Then, after about 20 seconds, they explode in a spray of acid. One draw back with the Snark is that if it has nothing else to kill, it will go after the person who threw it, nothing a swift whack with the crow bar won’t fix though.

the snark


Written by Andrew Griffiths – Copyrighted ©