If you don’t happen to believe in ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, sometimes a good story from a celebrity could change your mind. Over the years, many famous people have claimed that they have interacted with ghosts in various ways. Some stars were violently haunted and were terrified, while others have had some unexpectedly friendly, even life-changing experiences. Here are some bizarre stories of celebrities meeting spirits in real life which could definitely convince you that ghosts are real. 1.

Kendrick Lamar and Tupac’s Ghost

Kendrick Lamar and Tupac's Ghost

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The famous rapper’s song ‘Mortal Man’ tells the story of a really bizarre ghost encounter which he actually experienced. Namely, Kendrick Lamar claimed that he was once woken up by Tupac’s ghost. The ghost hovered above him and told him to stay focused on his career. Tupac’s ghost also told him to keep his music alive. The ending of ‘Mortal Man’ features a conversation between Kendrick and Tupac using audio from an old interview with the deceased rapper.


Lady Gaga’s Tour Ghost

Lady Gaga's Tour Ghost

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Back in 2010, Lady Gaga set off on a world tour, but while she was traveling around the globe, she was repeatedly haunted by a ghost. Gaga claimed that the ghost’s name was Ryan and that he followed her everywhere. The haunting lasted for months, and no violence was involved, but Ryan was apparently just really annoying. When she was in Ireland, Gaga had a professional seance, and Ryan didn’t bother her after that. Lady Gaga is known for being a spiritual individual with an interest in the spiritual world, and after that encounter, it was reported that she spent thousands of dollars on equipment for hunting ghosts and even hired professionals to make sure her tour venues and hotel rooms aren’t haunted.


Emma Stone and the Ghost of Her Grandpa

Emma Stone and the Ghost of Her Grandpa

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In 2014, Emma Stone claimed that she believed in ghosts and shared a story on Letterman, saying that her grandpa often returns from the dead to visit her. Emma said her grandpa’s ghost has been following her for years and that he always likes to leave some money for her around the house. She said that her grandpa loves to make quarters appear out of nowhere and claimed that it’s quite a magical experience.


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