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Having a proper pool table often is seen as a sign of luxury because not everyone has the money to buy it. But, with the increasing popularity of this ingenious game, people started buying pool tables for their households more often. This led to some staggering discounts which allowed for buying great pool tables under $1000.

Today, we will take a look at some of the best cheap pool tables that you can get for less than a grand. If you’re up for some midnight pool game, you’re in for a treat. Sit back, relax, and let’s get you a new pool table.

5EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Table

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If you want a classic, stylish, and elegant design, the EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard table is the right choice for you. It comes with amazing build quality and sturdiness that many more expensive pool tables have, which is why it’s on the first spot on our list. This table isn’t small by any means, and with its enormous 87 inches, the table will fit in a slightly larger room, garage or basement. This is great because you can now enjoy a full-sized pool for a silly price (take a look for yourself). As for the features, we need to mention the drop pockets and the top rail. These two look like stained wood, and although it isn’t wood, it’s covered with special LusterLong for scratch and wear resistance.

Those who want to get the most out of their money will be happy to hear that the table comes in a package, in which the balls, cues, bumpers, chalk, and triangle are included. Since the table is so durable, it weighs somewhere around 200 pounds, meaning that you can’t mount it by yourself. Because of its lower price, the table isn’t meant for professionals but for families and those who want to have some fun.

4Fat Cat Trueshot 6’ Pool Table

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The Trueshot 6′ Pool Table from Fat Cat is on the different end of the spectrum. Whereas the previous table was big and robust, this one is smaller, thus it’s suitable for compact rooms. Although it’s the fat cat (pun intended) that made this table, it’s not very fat, providing compact and slim design, allowing you to carry it with ease whenever you want it. Given its size of 6′, the table is catered toward smaller people or kids, although many experienced players could give it a try. Another thing we like is the black color of the table, which puts a special accent on the color of the balls. The cushions are shiny and made of something that feels like wood. Despite its affordable price, Fat Cat didn’t cut any corners.

For example, we still have the scratch-resistant coating and other equipment in the box – billiard ball set, 2 chalks, rail brush, triangle, and 2 cues. That’s a damn fine deal if you ask me!

3MD Sports Titan Pool Table

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MD Sports Titan Pool Table is a real titan in the world of cheap pool tables. Why? Mainly because of its enormous build quality that’s way above this price range. We can’t move on without mentioning its steel legs, which is something not many tables have at this price. In length, this table packs 7′ 5″, so it’s slightly larger than the previous one. This size is enough for experiencing billiard at its finest, even if you’re a big (tall) person. Despite its steel legs, we didn’t find this table very heavy. To be honest, it’s quite lightweight, given the materials used. As is the case with almost every cheap table, the rails are made of medium-density fibreboard and not wood, which is perfectly fine.

In the package, you’ll also get one set of balls, one wooden triangle, one table brush, two wooden pool sticks, and two pieces of chalks.

2HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Snooker/Pool Table

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HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Snooker/Pool Table comes in a beautiful green color and represents one of the best classic tables for billiard. Also, you can find more great foot pool tables on watsons. If you’re tired of different colors, going back to the roots is never going to be bad. Green is the most popular color of pool clothing and we’re glad it’s here. Features-wise, we have 6’ in length, which isn’t the biggest but since we have wooden rails and cushions, we can’t complain. Some corners need to be cut at this price. The table can be vertically folded, so you can pack it in the corner of your room when you’re not playing pool. This convenience alongside robust construction gives this table a value much higher than its price.

Needless to say, this is a pool set, so you get one pool ball set, one snooker ball set, and two 48-inch cues. The chalk doesn’t come in a package.

1Hathaway Fairmont 6’ Portable Pool Table

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Hathaway Fairmont 6′ Portable Pool Table is very similar to the previous one, except for the blue color of the clothing and a few minor differences. If you want a sturdy, yet practical, and durable table, this one is great. It has foldable legs, which you can fold within seconds, and the table is ready to be moved or transported to another location. The table is relatively thin, just a few inches, which may seem like it’s low-quality but surprisingly, it can hold the weight of the player easily. For those who don’t have any experience, this table doesn’t need any assembly. Just unfold the legs, place it on the desired place, and you’re good to go.

Enjoying some pool at your house isn’t unimaginable, as it was before. With these five cheap pool tables, you can practice your pool skills in the comfort of your home. Your friends won’t know what hit them when they start playing with you. We made sure that every table is affordable for every pocket, so you can buy them right away if you’ve made your decision. Black, green, red or blue, every table is great for you!