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Everyone likes a good laugh. Sometimes, the comedians are so funny they can cause tears to stream down our faces. Others will be so dry in their deliveries we are unsure of the joke. Then, there are some that are just weird and we are still not sure if they are funny. But, once we are used to their brand of humor, then we get the jokes and laugh right along.

1. Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg was an unconventional comedian that often used one-liners to deliver his jokes. He was born in Minnesota and moved to Florida where he started his career. Two years later, he moved to Seattle and furthered his career. He liked to perform his comedy with his eyes closed, due to stage fright. He appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman ten different times.

Many of his jokes stemmed from his real-life situations. He would, sometimes, perform with his back to the audience, hair in his face, with his head down and wearing sunglasses. In 2005, he passed away at the age of 37, due to a drug overdose that affected his defective heart.

2. Steven Wright

Steven Wright is known for his slow and lethargic delivery. He has a deadpan delivery with irony and wit to go along with his philosophical and sometimes confusing jokes, which are most of the time one-liners.

He was born in Massachusetts, where he started his stand-up career. In 1982, an executive producer from The Tonight Show had seen Steven perform. He asked him to appear on the show. Johnny Carson was so impressed that Steven was asked to come back less than a week later. He has been in movies, done voice over’s and has even written a short film. He continues to tour today and can be seen in comedy clubs worldwide.

3. Lewis Black

Lewis Black was born in Washington, D.C., but was raised in Maryland. His career started as a playwright, where he co-wrote one-act plays. He honed his stand-up routine by being the opening act for the plays. When he performs his stand up routines, he seems to be a man on the edge of his sanity. He goes into political rants, where he uses profanity, sarcasm, hyperbole and angry finger-wagging. He says he never writes a joke. He will simply start talking about something that makes him angry and then will stop just before he is about to have a stroke over it. He continues to make appearances on TV shows and in movies.

4. Rowan Atkinson

Rowan is a comedian, who was born in England. He is best known for his skit comedy in Blackadder, Thin Blue Line, and Mr. Bean. He has a stuttering problem, so he tends to over articulate the “b” in words. This adds to the comedic value of what he is trying to say. He has a style that relies on a visual comedy rather than a monologue style. He has been compared to Charlie Chaplin and has even received accolades for his comedic style. He continues to do television shows and movies and has even dabbled in politics while fulfilling a passion for cars.

So, for a good laugh at any time of day of night, figure out what these comedians are all about and let the laughs come to you. There are many of times that you can see these acts on late-night television and in a favorite comedy movie. These gentlemen will make you laugh until it hurts, once you have come to master what their brand of comedy is all about.