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Off-road cars are premium vehicles and priced steeply. You can get amazing value for money by using used cars in this category. However, before closing the deal, it is recommended to do thorough background research. You can get a car history report from REVS Check by sharing either the VIN number or registration number of the car and paying a nominal fee. The car history report will provide you important information pertaining to the car and assist in making rational and better buying decisions.

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While buying such cars, you should also check some key features which make a good and sturdy vehicle. The salient features of these cars which you should consider before buying are as follows:

4Ground Clearance

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Ground clearance makes a significant difference in an off-road vehicle. Good off-road vehicles have higher ground clearance than conventional cars. High ground clearance is important for enabling the vehicle to overcome obstacles like boulders, gravels, water, etc. while driving in off-road conditions. Some premium off-road cars come with an adjustable suspension feature which allows you to raise the vehicle’s ride height with the push of a button.

3Crawl Control and Hill Descent Control

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Crawl control is a common and standard feature on most off-road cars. This modern technology makes climbing on the most grueling and demanding slopes ease. Crawl control systems automatically analyze the terrain and provide enough power for your car to climb upwards on a steep slope. It relieves you from the tedious task of adjusting your car’s power manually while making such steep climbs. The greater the crawl control of your car, the better it will perform while climbing steep hills.

Hill descent control feature is the opposite of crawl control. It allows you to descent downhill on steep slopes without any problems. It controls your speed which ensures that you only must worry about controlling the steering of the car and not its speed while descending.

2Low-Range Transfer

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A good off-road vehicle should have the low-range transfer for effortlessly negotiating steep hills. This feature provides extra pull while your wheels are turning slowly. Conventional cars have gears which will not be of much help while traveling on steep terrains. Low gearing is the key for your car to climb and descend safely on steep terrains. Low-range transfers in such cars allow you the flexibility to switch between normal and low gearing while negotiating such steep hills. Low-range transfer helps you to maintain control and speed on steep terrains.

1Locking Differential

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Locking differential is an important consideration for buying these cars. Most cars have a limited-slip differential which means that the wheel with the least traction is likely to spin. This means that even in a four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle, you may only have a two-wheel drive (one on the back and front each) when you are stuck in off-road terrain. Cars which come with locking differential ensures that both the wheels on the axles are always rotating. Some of these vehicles also come with full locking differential, meaning all the four wheels will be always rotating.

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