Once in a while, we all need some time off from the hustle and bustle of the busy towns as well as our daily work routines. Did you know that traveling is not only a fun experience but is also very important for your general wellbeing? And the good thing is that you can go for the cheap holidays tailor made by Dealchecker and still get to enjoy every bit of it. 

There are many places you can visit in the world, which is what makes it daunting having to settle for one location. Today, our focus will be on Europe; if you are looking forward to visiting Europe, then here are 4 destinations you should have on your list; 

1. Paris

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If you are a travel junkie, then Paris must be one of the destinations on your bucket list. Paris is the capital of France and is one of the most popular tourist destination areas. Not only does Paris have a breathtaking view, but the people in Paris are also quite welcoming. Going to Paris can never be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower, which is 325 meters high. You can take breathtaking photos while at the monument as well as eat at some of the prestigious hotels that are near the Eiffel tower while enjoying the cities view. Additionally, you can also visit Notre Dem Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Disney land Paris, Chateau de Versailles, Sacré –Coeur, and Buttes Chaumont Park, among many other places. In a nutshell, Paris has everything for everyone. Whether you are looking to enjoy your holiday with your family, friends, or even your fiancé, Paris is the place to be!  

2. Barcelona

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Barcelona’s pristine beaches, articulate architectural designs, and rich culture will make you want to stay longer in the city. For the love of architecture and iconic work of art, you can start by visiting the famous and majestic building of the Sagrada Familia and the Pedrera and Casa Battlo, which were designed by the late Antonio Gaudi. Nature lovers also have their share in this beautiful city as they can visit Park Guell and get to enjoy the view from the top of the park while taking amazing pictures. Needless to say, Barcelona has some of the world’s best beaches where you can watch the sunset as well as engage in other water activities. 

3. London

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Whether you are planning to go to London at the beginning of the year, in the middle, or even during the Christmas holidays, best believe, you will enjoy every minute of your holiday. And the good thing is that most of London’s landmarks are free while those that you have to pay are quite affordable. London is the hub of world-class museums, hotels, parks and art galleries, some of which include the Coca Cola London Eye, Tower of London, Science Museum and Hyde Park among many others

4. Berlin

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Berlin is one of the most vibrant cities in Germany that is known for its rich culture, history, and amazing landmarks. Some of the places you must visit while in Berlin include glass dome of the Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, Pergamon Museum, Museum Island, The Berlin Wall, The Gendarmenmarkt, Charlottenburg Palace and Park among many other places.