Today, bullying is one of the problems that we are facing. In point of fact, Instagram – one of the most popular social media platforms also see this as a big problem. Fortunately, they are doing something to stop this issue. 

Instagram, on the other hand, is attempting to make artificial intelligence (AI) that has the ability to root out complex actions from betrayals to identity attacks which makes people feel offended. However, building this new Instagram technology may take a couple of years. 

So, in the meantime, Instagram is creating some ways for people to fight this threat themselves with the aid of machines. 

3Restrict: Instagram Newest Anti-Bullying Feature


According to there are actually some opportunities for dealing with bullying or bullies like flagging posts which will be handed over to a moderator for review. 

However, in the user search, this social media platform discovered that young people are disinclined to be block as well as report people who are bullying them. According to Francesco Fogu, a designer, young people often perceive as a very harsh option. 

While blocking bullies basically shuts down the connection between two Instagram accounts, it will also mean that a certain individual may no longer monitor what the bullies are currently doing. 

On the other hand, Restrict that hasn’t been reported on previously, works like one-way mirrors. Despite the fact that it is obvious to somebody when they have been blocked since they don’t have the chance to find the user on Instagram, it will not be perceived when they have restricted.

They’ll see the posts of the user on their feed like they typically do. But here is the catch, they will no longer perceive when a certain user has read their message or is online. And the user will definitely have more inaccuracy. The main goal here is place some spaces between you and the bullies, Fogu says.



With regards to the post, users will have the power to review comments that bullies leave on their videos or photos. What’s more, they will be able to approve the comments, thus everyone can view it or erase it. As a matter of fact, users can leave comments persistently on pending status. 

The user, on the other hand, does not need to read the comments either because it’ll display behind the sensitivity screen of Instagram asking the user to press the comment to either delete or approve it. 

1Direct Messages


With regards to DMs, the restricted user will see the conversation they have had with the user in their inbox. However, the user will not be informed if bullies send messages and will not see the thread on their inbox, rather, the restricted conversation threads will be averted to the reserved area for message requests in which stuff like spams are usually relegated. 


Without a doubt, this new feature of Instagram is very beneficial. Hopefully, this will become a successful one.