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Video marketing works because it engages the senses, intellect, and interests of any target market matter what type of product or service you sell. In order to understand how this works, you should first take a look at the overall engagement and encouragement strategy. Everything a business does in order to attract attention and encourage consumers to take action falls under the heading of marketing. It includes everything from handing out stickers at a convention to high-cost pay per click campaigns.

Video Marketing Engages the Senses

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According to scientific research, vision is the primary sense that the vast majority of people on Earth used to engage with the world around them. The hearing comes next. These biological facts alone indicate the basic reason why video marketing works so well. Moving pictures grab attention more than static ones in banners or display ads. Mixing in audio creates a media and marketing experience that uses over 90 percent of the senses people rely on every day.

Statistical information about marketing reactions back this up. Consumers stayed that they are 12 times as likely to take action after watching a video then they are after seeing text that reveals the same information. Static words on a page simply do not engage the senses as much as images and sound. For this reason, Murf AI offers an online text to speech software to make your videos more engaging. With the help of this software, you can add voices to your video in different languages and communicate with a wide audience globally.

Human beings are predisposed to notice things moving. This probably comes from the long-ago days when we had to scan for predators out in the wild. When you create a marketing message that attacks your audience’s senses with intriguing images, meaningful words, and information that they want to hear, you have a winning combination.

Video Marketing Encourages Action

In order to understand the unique ability of professionally crafted videos to encourage your audience to respond to a call to action, you should learn more about video marketing at Using this media type to grab attention, trigger engagement, encourage further thought and action makes sense when you consider both human biology and psychology.

No matter what type of video you create or hire experts to create for you, the end goal is to forge an emotional connection to your brand in a positive way. Even if the content announces a special offer, teaches a how-to lesson, or shares testimonials from past clients, this goal remains the same. All of the actual content you share works wit in the video medium to create a memorable experience.

There is a very good reason that YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the entire world. With billions of hits on a huge variety of content pieces every day, it is easy to understand why you should get involved, too. Whether you use your marketing videos on a site like this, other social media platforms, or your own website, it still carries with it the same natural power to engage and encourage the type of action you need to succeed with your brand.

Video marketing is a proven way to engage the senses and encourage action. The most important thing to remember is to always deliver the highest quality content and production so your company makes the most positive impression possible.