Ah, the humble necklace. Perhaps one reason the necklace has proven to be such a timeless form of jewelry is its versatility – anything that can be worn around the neck or hang from a chain makes a fine necklace. Of course, where there’s room for creative, people will always put some unique spins on a simple idea.

1. Sea Monkey Necklace

This Sea Monkey locket holds enough water and food to hatch two sea monkeys. Now you can carry your closest underwater pets with you wherever you go.

sea monkey neckles


2. Pixilated Jewelry

Mike and Maaike stole images of some of the world’s most expensive jewelry, converted them to a low-resolution format, and printed them on leather in a blown-up, pixilated form. Artistic commentary and niche fashion accessory all in one.

pixilated jewelry


3. All Fall Down

21 sterling silver chairs arranged in a circle. Probably not too comfortable, but definitely unique!

all fall down


4. Phonograph Necklace

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Mary Andrews created this distinctive piece, a bronze phonograph pendant on a chain.

phonograph neckles


5. Shark Mouth Pendant

This necklace was actually cast from the jaw of a small shark and recast in silver.

shark mouth pendant


6. Hands on Heart

This necklace from Hopeless Romantic features wooden hands making a heart shape. The designer jokes that they “may come in handy if perhaps you have one of your hands tied and your mouth taped shut, and need to demonstrate your feelings to someone special”.

hands on heart


7. Do You Have a Smoke?

For those who can never go without a pack. This tiny bottle contains a dangling miniature pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

do you have smoke


8. Wine Glass Holder

This one is more practical than beautiful. Keep your wine close to your heart and your hands free.

wine glass holder


9. Momenta: The PC Necklace

The Momenta, an entry in Microsoft’s Next-Gen PC competition, is designed to help you capture precious moments on the run by saving text messages and pictures. It can also monitor your heartbeat, and comes with Wi-Fi capability.

momenta the pc neckles


10. Gas Mask

No, it won’t save you in an emergency, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless. This gas mask was taken from a vintage doll and recast in silver.

gas mask


11. Roll of Toilet Paper

The toilet paper for this roll is made of beads and properly oriented so that it unrolls from the top, just like a real roll of toilet paper.

roll of toilet paper


12. Rubik’s Cube

This Rubik’s Cube necklace is actually playable, so you get two things in one.

rubiks cube


13. Severed Arm

For the macabre at heart, this severed arm necklace is the stuff of slasher flicks and Halloween gags in fashion form.

severed arm


14. Bigfoot

You’ll never get closer to the big guy than when you’ve got him hanging from your neck. This one’s perfect for any armchair cryptozoologist.



15. Spiked Pacifier

Needless to say, you’ll want to keep this particularly weird pacifier away from children.

spiked pacifier


Most of these weird necklaces are available for purchase on the web, and the majority are made by independent designers or artists. These necklaces are perfect for anyone wanting to showcase their inner weird, and that’s what fashion is all about – expression.

Written by Christopher Moyer – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com