Think Paris and Venice are a little too mundane? Tired of going to the same old places? If you really want a romantic vacation and one that neither of you will ever forget, check out one of these places.

San Camp, Botswana

While spending time together in the middle of nowhere in Africa may not be your idea of a romantic getaway. Think again, Botswana is one of the most popular and modern states in Africa and while San Camp is in the middle of nowhere, you won’t feel like it. This used to be a favorite spot for safari travelers and people looking for a bit of adventure but now it has been turned into an exclusive resort. How exclusive? Expect to pay $1,960 a night, so even though you may still be camping out in a tent you’ll be doing it in luxury. Well…there actually isn’t any electricity or running water, but this is still the trip of a lifetime, and each tent does come with its own bathroom!


Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, Netherlands

This is the perfect weird destination for the romantic traveler that loves wine. Most people consider sharing a bottle of wine to be very romantic, well how about sleeping in one? While not exactly a wine bottle the Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren offers giant wine casks as rooms. These 14,500 litre wine casks were shipped all the way from Switzlerand and offer an experience that you will never forget. The hotel offers beautiful views of the harbor and a restaurant featuring a wide variety of international cuisine. The best part is that these rooms are only 109 Euros a night, and if go during the off season you might even get them for only 27 euros.


Ice Hotel, Sweden

There’s nothing like curling up together to keep warm to get those romantic juices flowing. Well at the world famous Ice Hotel you will need more than just body head to keep warm. This gigantic and beautiful hotel is made entirely from ice and snow and it only open during winter (it will melt during the summer!). Every year artists from all over the world come to create beautiful works of art using the snow and ice. Normally each artist will be given their own room to do with what they want, so a stay here means viewing one of a kind artwork…that has an expiration date. Expect to bundle up in warm coats and furs because even the bed is made of solid ice.


World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain, Las Vegas

Well they say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac and well who doesn’t love chocolate? At the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is the world’s largest chocolate fountain. World renown pastry chef Jean Philippe Maury spent a year and a half in design and planning alone to build this monstrosity. The chocolate fountain is 27 feet tall and circulates 2,100 pounds of chocolate at a rate of 120 quarts per minute. There are three types of chocolate in the fountain and while you may not be able to eat directly from the found Jean Philippe’s bakery offers plenty of the prized chocolate.


Angel Waterfall, South America

If you’re looking for romantic scenery and a beautiful sight than look no further than Angel Waterfall. This is waterfall is the tallest in the world, in fact, it is so high that the water turns into a fine mist before it even reaches the bottom. It is an 802 meter drop from the top of the falls to the Kerep river flowing below. Flying over this waterfall by plane is one of the most beautiful sights to behold


The Skeleton Church, The Czech Republic

For many churches are beautiful and romantic places to visit and experience. This church…is definitely an experience. The church was built in 1400 and decorating began in 1870. But the decorating was not done with beautiful artwork or sculptures, but rather arrangements of bones. At this church you will find somewhere between 40,000 and 70,000 human bones used in the décor. Macabre and yet enchanting this church must be seen to be believed.


Huacachina Oasis

Now there is always something about being alone in the middle of nowhere with the one you love because it gives you a chance to really feel close to each other. At Huacachina Oasis you may not be alone but just a few steps away and you’ll be in the middle of a sweltering desert with little or no sign of human life. Yes, Huacachina Oasis is a real oasis in the middle of the desert, fed by an underground river. For centuries it has been the salvation of lowly travelers on the verge of death and now has become a very popular tourist destination. You can experience what it is like to be in a cool relaxing paradise right in the middle of a desert.


Cappadocia Cave Hotel, Turkey

Quite possibly one of the most unique hotels you will ever visit, the Cappadocia Cave Hotel is just what it sounds like. A beautiful, luxury hotel carved into a cave. Don’t worry this isn’t a tourist trap stunt this hotel is actually carved into the Yunak Evleri mountain cliff, with 30 rooms all carved around the 5th and 6th centuries. You’ll also find cave houses, underground cities, churches and some of the most beautiful scenes you will ever see. So if you’re ready to travel back in time and see just what it was like when people lived in small but cozy caves. Each room is very quiet and peaceful which makes for the perfect place for really getting to know each other.


Waitomo Cave, New Zealand

Some of the most romantic places in the world are considered romantic because they have a magical feel to them. Well few places in the world look more magical than Waitomo Cave. In this cave it looks as if the stars shine underground! Well they don’t really, in actuality what you are seeing is thousands of glow worms. While worms may not exactly be romantic the effect they create will truly take your breath away.


Harbin Snow Sculpture Festival, China

This is one museum you will truly never forget and it is definitely a magical experience. Every year the greatest sculptors come from all over the world to carve magnificent sculptures in the ice and snow. But these are not just any sculptures, they are often built to scale, so you may actually see a fairy tale castle made completely of snow! These massive sculptures are beautiful from a distance but during the festival you can actually get up close. So snuggle up with someone you love, fight off the cold and experience something truly amazing.


Written by Stephanie Schoppert – Copyrighted ©


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