Women always want a fashionable handbag to go along with their outfits. Let’s face it a great handbag is the ultimate accessory. Now which bag you choose it up to you. Some pick it to match their shoes and some pick it to match their entire outfit. But there are hand bags out there are just strange, bizarre or just plain weird.

1. iPod Purse

Leave it to the Japanese to come with this little number. It has integrated speakers and a special pocket to hold your iPod. The cover to the component is vinyl, so you can change your song if you want too. It takes four triple A batteries and the speakers connect to the iPod by a connector plug on the inside of the purse.

ipod purse


2. Keybag

This bag is made of recycled keyboard keys. At first it was only available in black or silver, but now the bags are available in a variety of colors. It is made out of 393 keys and shaped into a handbag, so that you can carry all your things in it. This is the ultimate purse for the computer geek.

keybag purse


3. Book Purse

This purse is made from old books that you no longer have a want to read. Hard cover books make a better purse than paperbacks. Think of it as recycling your books instead of taking them to the dumps. This is one way to be eco friendly and crafty at the same time.

book purse



4. Candy Wrapper Purse

This purse is made from recycled candy wrappers. These are for the ultimate ecoist with a sweet tooth. You can have just about anything made into a purse. This company makes purses from food packages, soda label, and other waste bound materials.

candy wrapper purse


5. Nintendo Purse

For the gamer in all of us there is the Nintendo purse. It comes with two controllers and a screen for your game playing needs. It has an LCD screen with the controllers being held on with Velcro. The components on the inside are parts to a hand held game.

nintendo purse



6. Cassette Tape Bag

Girls that grew up in the 80s should love this bag. It is reminiscent of the tapes you would buy and trade with your friends. The bag portion essentially looks like a giant blank cassette tape and the shoulder straps look like some of the tape has been pulled out. When your tape deck would eat your tapes you would pull it out and this is what it would look like.

cassete tape bag


7. Underwear Purses

These purses are made to look like they were made out of a pair of underwear. They have a girly design to them, but they are in the style of men’s underwear. They are more of a clutch type purse that zippers and from the looks of them you should be able to fit all your basic purse handling needs.

underwear purse


8. Chinese Takeout Bag

This purse is made to look like a Chinese take out carton. The handle is metal and the top zippers three fourths of the way around. It may not be that big, but it will hold what is needed for the time being.

chinese takeout purse


9. Brass Knuckle Purse

This purse is known as the Peacekeeper purse. James Piatt is known for his controversial handbag designs, but this one is one for the masses. If you live in a rough neighborhood or you are just seen as the tough girl in your neighborhood, then this is the bag for you to carry around. It comes in a variety of different colors.

brass knuckle purse


10. Coffin Purses

These purses aren’t for the faint at heart. But, if you enjoy the morbid side of life, then you will get a kick out of these purses. They come with a variety of designs on the front for you to show off your darker side. They are not very big, so you will not be able to carry much in them, but they are still fun.

coffin purse


Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com