When you buy a new home, you always want to add your own flair to it. Sometimes, just changing the paint color can change a room completely. There are other times when entire kitchen needs to be changed in order to make a statement in your new home. But, there are other times when all it takes is the changing of a light fixture to add your own person touch to the foyer, bedroom or dinning room to make that huge statement you are after.

1. Gummi Bear Chandelier

This chandelier is made up of gummi bears, along with beads, metal that gets threaded through the bears, some plastic parts and light bulbs. This chandelier has an array of colors, but the possiblility of it getting too hot and melting the bear is there, unless they were treated with some kind of special treatment so that they don’t melt into a pile of melted gummi substance.

gummi bear chandelier


2. Octopus Chandelier

This chandelier’s arms are made to look like octopus tentacles. They also come in a variety of colors to match any paint scheme you may have. If you like the sea and are a fan of the sea creature, but don’t want to display octopus art on your walls or knick knacks on your shelves, then showing your affection for this creature subtly by using a chandelier will make the statement you want without over doing it.

octopus chandelier


3. Skull and Bone Chandelier

You can dress up your place for the Halloween season by switching out your chandelier to this piece made of three life size skulls and three mini skulls. Life size femur bones connect the bottom skulls and mini femur bones connect the top skulls. If you just like scarier things in life, then you could always leave this up all year round. It could be a good conversation starter when the neighbors come over.

skull and bone chandelier


4. Pirate Ship Chandelier

This chandelier is for any pirate lover or nautical décor you might be going for. There are plenty of ship chandeliers out there, but this one takes the cake when it comes to pirate ships. It is made to look like an actual pirate ship. It is made from metal and aged to look like it has been through the rough seas. The sails are where the lights are housed.

pirate ship chandelier


5. Teacup Chandeliers

These chandeliers are made from recycled teacups. They come in a variety of colors. They also come in four, six, or eight cup sizes. You can get them with candles, electric bulbs or with a combination of both. If you can’t find another use for your old dishware and you don’t want to throw it away because of sentimental value, then make a chandelier out of it and get a whole new lifetime of memories from it.

teacup chandelier


6. Paperclip Chandelier

These chandeliers are made up of over four thousand paperclips. You can even get kits to design your own. They are illuminated by a single half silver bulb. When it lights up, it forms prisms of light all over your walls and ceiling. This can make for the most interesting part of the light structure.

paperclip chandelier


7. Beer Bottle Chandelier

This chandelier is mainly made for bars or restaurants, but there is no reason why you can’t have one in your home. If you love beer and are looking for a chandelier for your own home bar, then get a beer bottle chandelier for it. It comes in a variety of sizes, even one big enough to put over your pool table. You can also choose the finish on the part that hangs from the ceiling.

beer bottle chandelier


8. Gramophone Chandelier

These chandeliers are made to look like gramophones. If you are unsure of what a gramophone is, it is the old speaker type device that was on record players when they first came out. If you are in to nostalgic collectibles, then you might be interested in hanging this piece above your dinning room table. It is even ages to look like an antique. People may think that you made it yourself. You can get this design as a single gramophone or in a cluster of gramophones.

gramaphone chandelier


9. Umbrella Chandelier

The umbrella is used for many things, but a chandelier was not one of them, until now. These chandeliers come in a variety of different colors and sizes. Each umbrella uses one half silver plated light bulb. You can get them in a cluster of one color or you can mix and match the colors to your needs. Using the umbrella in the half opened position, the designer will make the ceiling to any room illuminate with color.

umbrella chandelier


10. Recycled Banana Shipping Boxes

This chandelier is made up of mostly cardboard. It is held together by paper fasteners. The boxes are from the Chiquita banana company and the designer took the time to cut the boxes to the shapes she needed to make this unique chandelier. She will even tell you how she did it if you are interested or if you don’t have the time to make one, but you still want one then you can contact her and she will give you her price for one of your own.

recycled banana shipping boxes


The thought of buy your home can be stressful enough without thinking about decorating it. But, maybe if the first thing you do is to change out the one light fixture that you would like to make an interesting piece, then maybe the decorating will go just a little more smoothly. Once you figure out a theme for a room, the changes you make to make that room its own are up to you. Most people will only paint and change the furniture in the room and forget about adding a little extra flair with the light fixture. But, with these quirky ideas for light fixtures, adding you own special touch to a room should not be a problem. There are many more light fixtures out there if these don’t peak your interest. Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com