For the people who smoke, finding a stylish ashtray can be hard. Most of the time, the people go with just the standard looking ashtrays. But, some people like to make a statement with an ashtray that can be a conversation starter. Some even like the weirder ashtrays. There are some innovative ones that I am sure no one has ever seen and then there are the ones that no one understands why someone would have it in their house.

1. Pirate Skull Ashtray

This ashtray can double as just a figurine for someone who likes pirates. The top of the head comes off and you can put all your ash and butts in there. It keeps the house smelling cleaner when the ash isn’t constantly exposed to open air.

pirate skull ashtray


2. Smiley Face Ashtray

This innovative ashtray allows you to only have to clean it once a week. It has a top on it that works to help with cleanup. Once you have finished smoking, you place the top on it and push the lever down. The spinning mechanism on the inside grinds down all the butts and they fall down to the bottom of the ashtray. Then at the end of the week, you can empty out the contents of the ashtray instead of doing it once a day.

smiley face ashtray


3. Coughing Ashtray

This ashtray is for anyone who wants to quit smoking or for someone who would want to have a loved one quit smoking. When you place a lit cigarette on one side the ashtray will scream, on the other side it will cough. It is sure to deter the person from smoking more than once or twice a day.

caughting ashtray


4. Gorilla Head Ashtray

Designer David Weeks has come up with a way for you to enjoy your time to smoke. If can be hours of fun using his ashtrays. When you place a lit cigarette in the mouth of the gorilla, smoke comes out of his eyes and nose. Even if you don’t smoke and are just a collector of ashtrays or things out of the ordinary, this can be a piece for you. You can use this as a candy dish if you so choose too.

gorilla head ashtray


5. Smoke Sucker Ashtray with USB Connection

This ashtray will not only help you, but the person next to you. They will not have to breathe in second hand smoke and you can smoke all you want without hearing any complaints. This ashtray has a fan on the inside that will suck the smoke through and filter it. You can operate this one on batteries or by plugging it into your USB port on your computer. There is also a larger sized one that is a little less attractive than this cute little car one.

smoke sucker ashtray with usb connection


6. Gargoyle Ashtray

This type of ashtray comes in a variety of different kinds. If you have one room in your house that is decorated in the gothic or medieval style than a gargoyle ashtray is the perfect fit in that room. You can get these ashtrays in a bat style or a stand up style to fit in with any type of gothic décor you have. These ashtrays are made of pewter and can be quiet heavy. But, the heaviness of the ashtray goes with any gothic or medieval theme.

gargoyle ashtray


7. Pipe Ashtrays

These ashtrays are shaped like pipes. They can be decorative or used. You can get these ashtrays in red, white, or black to match your décor or just a color you like. If you smoke a pipe, you can use this one to ensure your guests know that is what you choose to smoke or you can just use it for fun.

pipe ashtrays


8. Whale Ashtrays

These are shaped like a whale and when you smoke you have to put the cigarette in its mouth. These ashtrays have been out since the 60s and maybe even sooner than that. They range from ceramic to plastic. Some are just too nice looking to use as an ashtray and with those you can use them as soap dish instead. There are stand up whale shapes to flat shapes that look like a whale outline. You can even get one in a smokeless ashtray design.

whale ashtrays


9. Transformer Ashtrays

With the popularity of the Transformer movies, you are now able to get an ashtray in the symbol of your choice. Whether you choose to be an Autobot or a Decepticon is up to you. You could even have both of these and get the head of Bumble Bee as a third ashtray for another room. This is for all the movie or cartoon lovers to include in their collection of movie memorabilia. This will also make a great collector’s item even if you don’t smoke.

transformer ashtrays


10. Emergency Stop Air Freshener and Ashtray

This gadget has two different uses. You have a choice of using it as an ashtray, by popping the top open and putting your cigarette butts and ashes in it. Then you can close it up, so they will not stink up your area. But, you can also use it as an air freshener and load up you favorite scent. When you push down on the emergency stop button it will release a burst of that scent. If you are a smoker and end up quitting, then you can keep this ashtray and use it as an air freshener. There would be no sense in giving it away. It also comes in two different colors, yellow and silver.

emergency stop air freshener and ashtray


There are many weird looking ashtrays out there. There are the ones that are made for the collector and then there are ones made for the smoker. But, all in all they go hand in hand. A lot of the collectors don’t smoke, though, they just like to collect them. Whether you smoke or not ashtrays can come in handy, even if you are not using them for their intended purpose. Some can double as other household accessories and that is the best part about decorative and innovative designs.

Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted ©