Stephen King is one of the most prolific authors of all-time. Even if you’ve never read one of his works, you’ve seen it in some variation, be it miniseries or movie adaptation. King almost always writes about his home state of Maine, but even beyond all of these otherworldly events taking place in that one mostly rural state, the Stephen King universe has more connections running through all of his stories than you’d believe. 10.

Everything is Connected to the “Dark Tower”

Everything is Connected to the

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This one seems pretty apparent for anyone who’s ever read even parts of King’s magnum Opus, the seven book Dark Tower series. The series follows a nomadic gunslinger named Roland as he attempts to reach the Dark Tower and destroy the Crimson King. Along the way he encounters people who pop up in various other King stories, most notably the villainous Randall Flagg, who is basically the right hand man of the Crimson King. Flagg, of course, is also the antagonist in The Stand.


The World of “IT” is Connected to the “Dark Tower”, Too

The World of

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But Flagg isn’t the only villain from the King universe to pop up in the Dark Tower series. One of the most famous villains King has ever created is Pennywise, the titular clown from the book IT. Late in the Dark Tower series, Roland encounters a dangerous creature named Dandelo. Dandelo is the servant of the Crimson King, and when killed, he turns into a clown. Basically, Dandelo is believed to be Pennywise himself, meaning that he and Flagg serve the same master.


“IT” is Also Directly Connected to “The Shining”

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At this point, more people no doubt know The Shining more as that movie starring a crazy Jack Nicholson alongside the kid who went around saying Redrum. But hey, remember the old caretaker in The Shining, the one who recognized the power that little Danny (aka, the kid who said Redrum) possessed? His name was Dick Hallorann, and believe it or not, he was also in the book IT. Or at least, he’s referenced in the book. It turns out that the father of one of the kids from IT served with Hallorann, bringing a connection from IT to the Dark Tower.


“Misery””is Also Connected to “IT”

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As it turns out, IT has a ton of connections to other worlds within the Stephen King universe as well. One you probably won’t believe is the world of Misery, which is best known at this point as that movie where Kathy Bates breaks James Caan’s ankles with a sledgehammer. In that story, the protagonist is Paul Sheldon, who it turns out is from the same town as the kids from IT. In fact, it’s revealed that he was the next door neighbor of one of them. Now that is one doomed little town, isn’t it? If you were curious, the town is called Derry.


Derry is Also Home to the Alien Invasion in “Dreamcatcher”

Derry is Also Home to the Alien Invasion in

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Dreamcatcher is another one of those stories you’ll probably remember more for its movie adaptation than the actual story, even though in this case it’s remembering how god awful the movie turned out. Anyway, in that story, four friends were granted certain psychic powers as kids, as is a common theme in King stories, and when they grow up they need to try to use their psychic connection to defeat an alien invader which, yes, takes place in the town of Derry. Derry is a setting in one of King’s more recent stories, as well. That one is called “11/22/63.”


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