10Prioritize Your Needs

The trick to finding the best electric bike is knowing exactly what you need. Many people buy mountain bicycles for daily commuting and hub motors for hilly areas, which doesn’t work well for them.

The reason is you should always pick the right one as per your needs. If you have any physical constraints, you might want a specialized vehicle for that. Pick a long-range bike with an efficient motor and a big battery for traveling longer distances.

9Ensure Riding Comfort

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Comfort is essential for riding longer distances, especially if you are a beginner or not in a good physical condition. Ensure that you can sit in an upright position on the bicycle. Check the suspension of the seat and the saddle area for comfortable rides on bumpy roads, off-road riding and riding on snow or sand. The best electric bike should offer maximum comfort, according to Sixthreezero.

8Don’t Be Lured by Motor Power

E-Bikes are available with different motor power figures between 750W and 2000W. Don’t be fooled by these numbers. These depict the efficient point of the motor and not its true power. Consider other factors that affect motor power such as torque.

7Know Your Range

Don’t blindly trust the range claimed by the manufacturer. There are various features that affect the range like battery capacity, motor efficiency, gear efficiency, and sensor type. As mid-drive motors offer greater efficiency as compared to hub motors, the latter generally has a shorter range. When buying a bike, use common knowledge about ranges.

6Importance of Warranty

An electric bicycle can cost anything between $1500 and $7000. This necessitates a warranty. It is not an uncommon practice by sellers to find excuses about getting a warranty. Some even charge hefty labor charges. So be informed about how the seller handles warranty.

5Have Knowledge of the Standards

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Many sellers use to display pictures of bikes with myriad features. Know what is generally available and what are optional. Also, check the price of the optional items so that you can make an informed decision about the features you want.

4Higher Cost Doesn’t Always Mean Better

The best electric bike isn’t necessarily the costliest one. Certain brands provide the same features for many affordable costs. Before purchasing it, it is sensible to use comparison sites.

3Consider the Brakes

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While brakes are important, ensuring swift braking is extremely crucial. While mechanical disc brakes are a far better option than coater or V-brakes, hydraulic brakes serve as the best one. Checking the brand of the brakes are also crucial.

2The Cost of replacing Parts

A decent e-bike is easily expected to be used for 5-6 years. The warranty most likely expires within a year or two and doesn’t cover certain parts like the battery. Parts like the gears, battery, brakes, etc. will require to be changed eventually. You should check the price of these products as many custom produced parts are priced extremely high.

1Evaluate Your and Your Electric Bicycles’s Weight

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Always ensure that it can support your weight. This is especially necessary if you have to drive uphill. Ensure that it has a powerful motor. Also, check that it isn’t too heavy for you so that you can control and lift it easily. It is crucial to get a lightweight if you wish to carry it on a rack.

Helpful Tips for a Larger Man

Firstly, make sure that it is easy for you to get on and get off the e-bike. Unisex and step-through ones are ideal for this. Secondly, ensure that it has a larger saddle that offers proper support, a suspension seat post, and an adjustable stem to ensure an upright riding position.

This will prevent back pain while riding for longer durations. Consider that the bicycle has a powerful motor that can handle your weight, especially if you need to ride uphill. Lastly, hydraulic disc brakes will provide greater braking power and easy operation.


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