“Studying gets in the way of having a good time, so why bother?” If you adhere to this mindset, you might need to change your cheating game. We’ve collected ten of the most unusual methods to help you “pass” your next test.

9Give Yourself A Hand (Er, Arm)

Give Yourself A Hand (Er, Arm)
source: profascinate.com

For those of you with smartphones, this one is a quick-fix to a pop quiz: stuff one sleeve in such a way so that it looks like your arm is in it resting on the desk. Then use your free arm to discretely Google the answers.

8Sneeze to Success

Sneeze to Success
source: creativemelissa.files.wordpress.com

There’s nothing in the rulebook saying you can’t write your notes on a napkin. Well, there probably is, but who will check a tissue that they think you’ve been coughing or sneezing into? Just write your notes on a napkin and pretend that you’re sick.

7Good Stuff on the Inside

Good Stuff on the Inside
source: photos.uc.wisc.edu

Peel the label off of a bottle of water, write what you need on the inside of the label, and adhere it back to the bottle. Maybe less suspicious if you use a liquid that isn’t totally clear.


source: jooinn.com


If you’d like a method that is easier to hide, pick up some pink erasers. Write what you can on them, and boom! Answers at your fingertips! And the best part: you can simply rub the evidence away if you need to.

5Keep It Hidden

Keep It Hidden
source: web-images.chacha.com

Want to feel like a spy? Give this a go: dismantle a pen and hide your notes on the inside. Not exactly subtle, but if you aren’t obvious about what you’re doing it’s a pretty neat trick.

4Sneak a Peek

source: wikihow.com

If you’re feeling risky (or risque?) you can try hiding your notes on the inside of your shirt. Note: this may get you extra unwanted attention.

3Calculators: The Old Smartphones

source: extremetech.com

If working with math, you’ll probably be using a calculator. If you’re using a scientific calculator, you can actually save notes (in the form of equations) as a program and retrieve it later. You can also erase it easily in a pinch.

2A Quick (ick) Fix

source: trabajo.excite.es

Say you have a large bandage. Why not write the answer on the underside and “change” bandages during the test?

1Take The First Step

source: youtube.com

If you’ve got slip-on shoes (or sandals) you can scribble some answers on your soles. You’ll already be looking down, right?