Everybody likes a pet, whether it is the “normal” kind, such as a dog, cat, rabbit or bird, to the strange, bizarre or exotic type. We can’t control what animals touches our hearts and subsequently becomes a member of the family, but most of these animals are illegal to own in some states. Always check with the local officials before attempting to domesticate any animal that belongs in the wild.


The standard hippo will be five feet tall at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from three to five tons. There are pygmy hippos that stand almost three feet high at the shoulder and weigh from 400 to 600 pounds, but these are nocturnal animals. The most famous case of a hippo as a pet is Jessica. She lives with her owners and even has dinner at the dinner table, thinking that she is a human.




This is the largest living rodent in the world. It can stand up to just over four feet in length and weigh up to 140 pounds. They have webbed feet, no tail and twenty teeth. They can live up to twelve years in captivity. You can tech them to do tricks, but they can be aggressive. They will dig holes in your yard. Caplin Rous is a domesticated Capybara and is described as caring by his owner.



Billy Goat

Billy goats can be aggressive, so if you have children a Billy goat is not for you. They will butt the children causing them harm. It is best that you get more than one Billy goat, so that it has company. They must have a big enough area to roam. They eat mainly plants and they can smell. Lance Corporal William Wind was the mascot for the Royal Welsh Regiment for a long time before retiring to a zoo.

billy goat


Flying Squirrels

These animals only weigh 2 to 4 ounces. They will form a strong bond with their owners, if provided the opportunity to do so. If you want to bond with your squirrel, wearing a pouch or an article of clothing with a pocket in it will help with this experience. They are mainly nocturnal animals. They will eat a variety of nuts, bird feed, fresh vegetables, fruit, meal worms, wax worms, hard boiled eggs, chicken, and moths. They can live in cages and will get a calcium deficiency.

flying squirrel



These animals can stand anywhere from five feet to six foot five inches tall and weigh anywhere from 250 pounds to 450 pounds. They will spit and can live up to thirty years. They are social animals. You can keep them in a barn or your house depending on you. You need to have a fenced in yard because they will roam. You have to groom them regularly and get them their vaccines. They will eat hay and need fresh water. In Russia, there is a llama named Fantik living in an apartment with its owner.




These are active and curios animals, which can often times, get them in trouble. They are known to steal your household items to make their beds softer and they get into everything. They are also stubborn animals. They are known to be friendly and need healthy foods in their diets. They need to be vaccinated like a dog or cat would and the sack that releases their odor needs to be removed.




These animals are ten to fourteen inches in length, with the tail adding another six inches or more. They can live up to 22 years. They are active, but will cuddle when they want to. They are more active at night. Your routine with these animals must be consistent or they will get stressed out. They need a cool environment. They like to eat roughage. They need large cages and like to take dust baths.




This animal can have the body length of five to six feet, but on its hind legs it can stand up to seven feet high. These animals can weigh anywhere from 90 pounds to 660 pounds. They will hibernate during the winter months. They will eat plants, meats, insects, nuts, berries, herbs, salmon, trout, crayfish, and alligator eggs. Sybil the bear was domesticated and lived with her family and a variety of other animals.




These animals will weigh anywhere from 1,830 pounds to 2,630 pounds. They can stand from fourteen feet to twenty feet high. They like to eat trees, grass and fruit. There is a family near Mount Kilimanjaro that has eight of these giant animals as pets. The animals will poke their heads through windows in order to get treats throughout the day.




Depending on the species of penguin, they can be from sixteen inches to three feet seven inches tall and weigh anywhere from 2.2 pounds to 75 pounds. They can live in arctic or tropical conditions. They are social animals and will approach you. They are known to eat mainly fish. Nils Olav was a knighted penguin for over 35 years in Norway for the Norwegian Kings Guards.



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