Your car is like your home away from home. You can spend anywhere from two to five hours a day in your commute to and from work or running errands. It should say something about you personality. There are a lot of cars that are the same thing over and over again. You will see people try to come up with a cool airbrush design to put on the sides of their cars. Some have a few bumper stickers or something hanging from the rearview mirror that says something about who they are. But, these cars definitely have the owner’s personality written all over them.

The Skull Car

The person that owns this car either has a love for all things dead or they just like the look of skulls.

the skull car


Hamster Powered Car

Think of the money you will save on gas with this car. But, I bet you can’t go more than 5 miles per hour.

hamster powered car


The Flat Out Car

The world’s lowest low rider, I am almost afraid of this car.

the flat out car


Spaceship Car

What I want to know is does it fly?

spaceship car


Alien Car

If this car was coming up quick behind me in traffic, I am pretty sure I would move out of the way, especially if it was at night and down a dark road with barely any street lights.

alien car


The Dragon Car

Does it breathe fire, too? Where ever this car goes I am sure that the owner gets asked that.

the dragon car


Cat Car

This is for the die hard cat lovers out there. When they honk the horn, does it meow?

cat car


Horse Powered Car

This horse powered car can help with the gas prices, but can you use the carpool lane?

horse powered car


Mouse Car

If the cat car seen this car on the road would it chase it?

mouse car


The Monster Car

I don’t see how the person can drive this car with the monster head in the way. But, you have to admit it is definitely different.

the monster car


Every car on the road should be different, but taking it these extremes is just a little too much. How do you deck out your car to suit you?

Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted ©