When it comes to betting, this is one of the most popular ways to increase adrenaline rush and have fun. This activity has its roots from ancient times, but with the increase of modern technology reach and its advances, there is an increase in online services and apps, which can be used to do this.

Not only that this has made betting available worldwide, but it has also made it easy to access and always one click away from users. Speaking of the apps that can be used, there are many to choose from, that’s why the best apps will be listed below.

1. FanDuel

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This app has been labeled by the users as prime, hence it is on the leading position of our list. The reasons for this are the simple appearance of the app and the number of options that it provides to the customers. It is plain and simple and also very powerful with a lot of options to choose. This is why this app is one of the most downloaded.

2. Points Bet

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This app is claimed to be amongst the most popular for betting on sport events, allowing players to bet in a very specific manner. Because of this, it is very popular, since it provides a very unique experience. With a vast variety of sports, including college football league, and with app supported both by iOS and Android, the popularity is justified.

3. Bet Rivers

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A very specific app, that allows betting only if two conditions are met, the user needs to be at least twenty one and be in the state of Pennsylvania. When these conditions are met, a truly exclusive experience begins, since the app is rated as one of the best by the users, a bonus for the new users is helping increase the popularity.

4. Draft Kings

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This app is very popular in NJ and allows betting if on the location. Made for the fans of sport events and with a lot of options and filters it allows the users to easily choose the sport they like and would like to bet on. One other interesting thing is support for the casino games, so the users that are fond of both sports and casino games will enjoy the app.

5. Bet365

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This app is available in both the USA and Canada. This app is famous worldwide and it is supported by all smartphone platforms, meaning that there is an app for both iOS and Android. With security levels up to the max, this app is one of the most downloaded in the world and it provides a vast variety of sports, with an interface that is user-friendly.

6. Bet MGM

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With both sports betting and casino games available, this app has it all. With an app that is supported by both iOS and Android, user-friendly interface and a lot of options this app is the one to use if you are a fan of variety and like to play both sports and card games. More about the popular game called pokies can be read on

7. Sugar House

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With more than four hundred casino games this app provides a very big variety of games, and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular amongst the users. Next to this, it offers live betting, which can elevate your adrenaline and put you into the gaming mode. When it comes to the app itself, it is very clean and easy to use, and it does provide a bonus for the new users.

8. 888 sports

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This app is available in both the USA and Canada, and it has so much to offer to the users. Of course, it is available for both iOS and Android, and it does appear more sophisticated than the other apps. Firstly, it has instant betting, with fast, one-click login. Secondly, customer service is very good, and it is available for the users all the time and it can be reached by all sorts of communications, chat, phone and email. With an app that is allowing live games in HQ there will be no need for other devices, you can do all the watching and betting on one device. Updating the data is very fast which is good for the smoothness of the game.

9. Bet stars

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This app has an interesting background, since it is from Europe, and the focus is on all sports not only the ones that are popular in America. This means that there is a very big variety of sports that are being offered to users. The app offers live betting which is one of the best features labeled by the users since it provides the most adrenaline rush when being played. With the app that is easy to use, users are being very satisfied by this one.

10. Sports interaction

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This pp is one of the first that got the license to do this job. It offers both sports betting and casino games. With a design that is neat and very user-friendly, the app is being labeled as one of the best. It is easy to use, and bets can be placed with just one click. It also allows live betting, which is one of the most favorites by the users since it increases the rush and makes the whole game more fun. The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.


Most apps that are available now are very user-friendly with the interfaces that allow easy navigation. Some offer only sports betting, while others allow both sports and casino gameplay. With increased safe protocols apps are using, the data is safe, and users do pick the apps by the design, navigation and what they offer. Some have more and some less option so it is up to the users to choose the right size for them, With bonuses lurking in most of them, pick and choose wisely and best of luck in betting.