As kids grow up, choosing the right toys for them slowly becomes a challenging task, as children start to demand a more complex and diverse set of toys. 8-year-old boys have already developed enough mental skills so they can play with more demanding toys and gifts, but they still need safe products that won’t harm them in any way. Safety is the key, as you simply cannot follow your kids around and tell them how to use their toys- it’s much easier (and better) to buy some toys which are safe for 8-year-old boys.

Not all parents search for the same kind of toys. This is why we divided all the best toys gifts for 8-year-old boys in several categories- toys and gifts for mental and cognitive development; action toys and gifts; play figures. This way you won’t have to go through all the toys we’ve mentioned to find the category you want!

Best Gifts and Toys For Mental and Cognitive Development

1. Osmo Genius Kit

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This kit blends the children’s favorite toy (iPad) and mental puzzles that will help your kid get all sorts of gains- language and vocabulary, problem-solving, creativity, and math, Osmo Genius has it all! This is an award-winning game kit, with various different modes.

2. IQ Builder

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This puzzle project set is so interesting that you’ll end up playing with your kid, trying to build captivating 3D models of elephants, planes, houses, and whatnot. Moreover, after your 8 years old builds it, he can color it, anyway he likes. According to the manufacturer, the building part fosters cognitive and motor skills, while the coloring part soothes the mind and makes your kid calmer.

3. Skillmatics Educational Game

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Your son’s Strategizing, Social Communication, Concentration, and Observation skills will be improved thanks to this educational game. It includes 6 Activity Mats, which are erasable and reusable.

4. Straw Constructor STEM

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This is the best toy gift for a future architect! With a STEM straw building kit, your little 8 years old will have the chance to practice mental visualization and have a lot of fun in the process!

5. Snap Circuits

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This is a perfect toy gift for a young electrician. With this kit, your kid can build more than 100 electronic circuits, with the help of 30+ parts. No tools are needed! The parts just need to “click together”, and that’s it! This is perhaps one of the best products for the development of particular skills.

Best Action Toys Gifts For 8-Year-Old Boys

Young boys are little creatures with seemingly endless stamina and enthusiasm. They can run around all day without the tiniest hint of exhaustion. Instead of trying to restrain their desire to go around and explore the world, you can give them some nice toys which will make their play even more interesting!

1. Nerf N Strike Toy Blaster

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This is a no-brainer. Young boys simply love to go around, yelling “BANG, BANG!” and buying them a classic NERF gun is a good way to make their day. This blaster has 6 darts, and it can fire them in a rapid wave. Needless to say, your 8-year-old will feel like Rambo and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the same time!

2. K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow

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Okay this is probably the toy you’ll end up building yourself, as it’s rather complex, but when finished, it looks like some high-tech, state of the art battle bow. The set includes five foam darts, fit grip, and dart holders. The best thing is, your kid can combine parts from different K-FORCE building sets, and make his own best toy ever.

3. Razor A3 Kick Scooter

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Everyone’s childhood has been marked with a classic scooter. With a Razor Scooter, your child will get where he wants, whenever he wants, as fast as he wants!

4. RIMABLE Skateboard

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Kids nowadays tend to spend a lot of time indoors, playing video games and just hangin’ around. But, with RIMABLE skateboard, you’ll encourage them to go out and experience the great outdoors! This one comes in many colors, and patterns, so you’ll be able to find the one your 8-year-old likes.

5. Spalding NBA Mini Basketball Hoop

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You can install this little accessory over your doors, and let your kid play mini basketball. Of course, be careful about fragile vases, TVs and other sensitive stuff in the house- we all know that young boys get so immersed in their games.

5. Roko Fun Cartoon Capes

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I wish I had these when I was a child! This gift is so simple yet so good! The best thing is, your son can take the one he likes the most, and give the rest to his friends, so they can form a superhero group!

Best Play Figures Gifts For 8-Year-Old Boys

Finally, all kids like a nice play figure, especially if it comes from their favorite cartoon or movie. Here are the ones we chose. Although young boys might like more complex and sophisticated toys, they just love to get back to roots from time to time:

1. Click N’Play Police

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This is a highly-detailed set, and your kid will be able to see just how complex the job of a policeman is! It is made from strong, BPA plastic, so it won’t break even if the policeman has to solve some serious problems.

2. JaxoJoy 200

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With this 200-piece WW2 army set, your son will be able to make his own battlefields and epic battles, while learning about the history of the world’s biggest conflict ever. If your boy loves vehicles, this is the perfect gift for him, as this kit includes a plethora of different cars, battle vehicles, tanks, etc.

3. Neliblu Realistic Animal Toy Figures

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Not all toys have to be tied with war, violence, and conflict. This Neliblu set of toys is a good example of this. While learning everything about different (and exotic) animal species, your boy will have loads of fun playing with this “Zoo” kit.


There are so many toy gifts out there on the market, and sometimes it’s really hard to choose the one that’s best for your son. We’ve separated all the best toys gifts for 8-year-old boys in 3 large categories, to narrow down your choice and make it easier for you to see which category suits your boy the best.


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