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  • February 17, 2010
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Moment of Truth

This game ranks up here solely because people are either really dumb or just willing to put friends and family through a lot of pain to make a few bucks. The premise of the game is that before the show contestants are hooked up to a lie detector and asked a series of questions. They are then placed on the game show and asked to answer the questions truthfully in front of family and friends. Now in order to get the questions the show interviews family and friends. Considering the number of cheating spouses that have been exposed on this show you got to wonder what crappy friend thought it would be funny to toss that information out? So this show makes the list for dumb contestants with horrible friends airing out their dirty laundry for a few bucks.

moment of truth


Hole in the Wall

This is the American version of a popular game show in which contestants must contort their body in order to fit through holes cut into an advancing wall. Now the wall is made of foam so if contestants break the wall, or in other words create their own hole, they lose. Or if the wall pushes them into the water they also lose. If they score more points than the other team they get to take a blind challenge where teammates have to direct one player to contort their body to fit through a hole, unfortunately that player is blindfolded. Why does this version rank higher than the Japanese version? Two reasons Americans for the most part are not as agile as the Japanese and second, Americans tend to be just a little bit bigger. For those reasons you rarely see successful attempts in this game.

hole in the wall


Get Ready For Work

Now for this game show I can only imagine it being for a limited time and yet that guy seems to have waaay too much practice. But in this game show contestants must get ready for work in five minutes or less. The idea is hilarious and it even gives you a sense of how small a Japanese apartment really is. Though if only we could also get ready for work this quickly and easily then we might get a bit more sleep and go to work feeling happy and accomplished. After all having a morning routine like that must get you pumped up and ready for the day. Though I highly doubt his wife would sleep through it, because that’s something that just has to be watched.



Real or Fake Orgasm

This game show has to be the strangest of them all and definitely one that you will never see in the US. In this game show three women are put before a male judge. One of them is being sexually pleasured and the other two are simply faking it. The man has to judge and be able to tell which woman is having the real orgasm and which are having fake orgasms. Once the guy has made his choice the barriers fall and show which woman has a machine pleasuring her. This truly is bizarre and while I cannot imagine it being all that hard to find the male judges I would wonder how they go about finding women who are up to the task. At least the women are clothed

These game shows are some of the strangest things people have ever done for money. But there are a number out there that many people would consider to be even stranger and some that cannot be shown on TV. But if anything this really gives some interesting insight into the Japanese people and wonder just what compels them to sign on for some very bizarre game shows in order to earn a few bucks.

Written by Stephanie Schoppert – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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