Top 10 Weird YouTube Cats

  • December 07, 2010
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Sphynx Cat Giving Birth

This cat owner managed to capture the magical moment when a sphynx cat gave birth. These hairless cats are pretty weird looking by themselves, but one sphynx cat with another poking out of its rear end, now that's YouTube gold!


Yep, it's all sticky. We don't care what you say, childbirth just isn't natural.


Stupid Cat Hates Tape

Ah, the Japanese. You've gotta love them. They're famous for two things: their bizarre and creative methods of torture and their cringe-worthy TV shows. Whenever these two forces are combined they create a power the likes of which the internet has never seen.

The Japanese have always been trend setters when it comes to TV. We have no idea what is going on in this clip or what the TV show is about but, believe us, in a few months time we'll all be doing it.

Notice how the Japanese viewers need an on-screen reminder of how cats normally walk.

This video has sparked controversy and even a number of hateful comments from viewers who think this practise can be cruel. Trust us, this does not hurt the cat in the least. We tried it and the stupid cat didn’t even wake up.


Possessed Cat Makes Freaky Noises

Remember Salem, the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Here's his evil twin brother making some very strange noises.


Yes, this is a real cat. We know it looks animatronic but it is real.

This video poses several questions such as “what is the owner doing?” and, more to the point, “is the cat enjoying it?” It's such an ugly cat that you also have to wonder whether it died, came back to life, clawed its way out of a shallow grave and returned home carrying a message from the other side. Or, as one viewer has suggested, perhaps the cat is simply pretending to be a pirate. Arrgh!


Frankenlouie: Two Faced Cat

Yes, this cat has two faces. It ain't pretty but it's most certainly weird. As explained in the video, cats born with this deformity are incredibly rare and usually die within hours of being born if not before, making Frankenlouie a true miracle of nature.


Vomit Comet Cat

These cruel astronauts in training seem to be having a lot of fun throwing a cat against a wall in a weightless environment.


This footage was taken aboard a free fall flight, where it is possible to simulate the effects of a zero gravity environment, if only momentarily. We can't think of a better to spend those precious few moments of weightlessness than beating a cat's face against the inside of an aeroplane. The poor cat must have been terrified, not least of all by that woman's hair.

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