Top 10 Amazing Ufo Sightings

  • May 01, 2010
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The Phoenix Lights

The incident commonly referred to as the phoenix lights was a UFO sighting on a massive scale. It began not in Phoenix but in Henderson, Nevada where a man reported seeing a large ‘V’-shaped craft with six lights on its underside pass overhead. The lights then passed into Arizona where they were seen by a former policeman in the town of Paulden. A pattern of lights in the same triangular formation was spotted by a number of people in Prescott, Arizona just minutes later. This trail of sightings shows the lights heading south towards the city of Phoenix.

The largest number of sightings, however, came from Phoenix itself. Once there, the lights hovered directly above the city for as long as two hours. As many as seven hundred people (probably more) saw the lights in that time and some even used caught the lights on video. There can be no denying that something hovered over the city of Phoenix on the evening of March 13th 1997 but what was it? The U.S military has insisted that the lights were nothing more than flares launched from an A-10 Warthog aircraft but many Phoenix residents remain unconvinced. Fife Symington, who was Governor of Arizona at the time, is among them.


The Colares UFO flap

the colares

This series of Brazilian UFO encounters deserves to be called one of the most awesome UFO encounters of all simply because of the incredible injuries sustained by those involved. During 1977 a number of UFOs were reported to have attacked the inhabitants of Colares with intense beams of radiation. Dr Wellaide Carvalho treated thirty-five patients whom she diagnosed with radiation poisoning. Some also had radiation burns with small puncture wounds within the burned area. The doctor also claimed to have been caught in one of the beams herself but did not suffer any ill effects.


The Battle of Los Angeles

A full five years before Kenneth Arnold’s famous UFO sighting and the landmark Roswell Incident, the city of Los Angeles was the site of a much more hostile UFO encounter. In February 1942, just three months after the attack on Pearl Harbour, unidentified flying objects were sighted flying over L.A. Back then UFOs were treated not as mere curiosities but as a direct threat. Believing the objects to be Japanese aircraft the U.S Army set about firing an incredible 1,400 anti-aircraft shells into the sky. Fortunately, the UFOs did not return fire. However, the engagement did claim the lives of six civilians – three were killed by friendly fire and three suffered heart attacks. No enemy aircraft, alien or otherwise, were shot down and the battle drew to a peaceful conclusion with the withdrawal of the unidentified craft.

the battle

What was flying over Los Angeles that night? Reports from the time stated that there was one large, slow moving object (possibly a blimp) and several smaller craft that flew in formation, believed at the time to have been fighter planes. Later, however, the existence of any unauthorised craft was denied and the whole incident was put down to what the U.S Army called ‘war nerves’.

The possibility that the unidentifiable aircraft were imaginary remains strong. However a memo from General Marshall to President Roosevelt suggests otherwise. In the memo Marshall gave details of the UFOs speed and altitude and speculated as to their purpose. A second memo also states that a downed aircraft of ‘otherworldly origin’ had been found outside the city, however its authenticity is questionable.


The Belgian UFO Wave

The Belgian UFO wave is the name given to a large number of UFO sightings over Belgium. The wave lasted from the winter of 1989 to the spring of 1990 during which countless witnesses saw a number of triangular UFOs similar to the one sighted over Phoenix seven years later. The Belgian Air Force also became involved, adding credibility to the case.

the belgian

The six month long assault on Belgian airspace peaked on the night of March 30th 1990, when as many as 13,500 people reported seeing UFOs (2,600 have filed written statements describing what they saw). The Belgian Air Force tracked several of the UFOs by radar and even scrambled F-16 fighter jets. The F-16s attempted to intercept the UFOs nine times. On three occasions they were able to maintain a weapons lock for a few seconds but the objects changed course and speed so rapidly that the lock was broken. The F-16s gave chase to the UFOs for an hour before returning to base. Witnesses on the ground reported that the UFOs had disappeared within an additional half-hour.


Varginha UFO Incident

The UFO flap that took place in Varginha, Brazil in 1996 is unique in its scale and consequence. The Brazilian Air Force (F.A.B) has always been forthcoming about its encounters with UFOs but this case suggests that they have been involved in a cover-up and even that they have colluded with the U.S in a conspiracy.

It was the U.S who first warned the F.A.B that a UFO was travelling at high speed toward the town of Varginha (although there had already been a number of sightings in the town). Taking the situation as seriously as ever the F.A.B launched fighter jets and the local military was put on high alert. In Varginha residents witnessed several strange objects drifting through the streets. Some even caught the objects on camera. In these home movies the UFOs appear to be little more than puffs of smoke but they do move erratically. Some witnesses reported that one UFO was a cigar shaped craft and that it left a trail of smoke behind it.


The following morning saw outright panic in Varginha due to reports that strange creatures were running loose on the outskirts of the town. The military coordinated with the local fire department and apparently captured one of the creatures. Three gunshots were heard and soldiers were seen removing something (an alien?) from the area in a sack. The firemen have refused to answer questions saying only that the matter had been ‘classified’.

Another creature was sighted in the afternoon by two young girls. They ran home and told their mother that they had seen the devil. Later they would give a frightening description of the creature, it’s huge eyes and horned head. This second creature was finally caught in the late evening and taken to a nearby hospital where it was pronounced dead. An autopsy is believed to have been carried out in a secure laboratory at Sao Paulo University before both creatures were flown to the U.S in an unmarked airplane. One of the soldiers involved in the capture of the second creature died just weeks later from an unknown bacterial infection.

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