Things That Made You Go Huh in 2009

  • January 08, 2010
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Amy Winehouse at the Glastonbury Festival

On June 28, during a performance at the English music festival, Amy Winehouse punched a fan when she jumped into the photographer’s pit to sing her song “Rehab.” It was the end to a completely bizarre set that started out happy and then turned dark when she mentioned her husband Blake Feilder-Civil who was in jail at the time. Then things got really weird when she began insulting Jay-Z and Kanye West and then asked the audience to catch one of her ribs if it popped out. “Rehab” was supposed to be her last song of the night but she was hauled away by security before she could perform the song. Someone should really stop her before she hurts somebody... too late!


California Fiscal Emergency

Now I’m no expert but if the government of a state can’t balance their budget how is anyone else expected to. On June 30, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency for the state of California. At the time the state was suffering from a $26 million deficit and losing money every day. The governor called a Proposition 58 legislative special session to solve the financial crisis and the government were locked away for days trying to find realistic solutions. The worst part of this whole thing is that California has been down this road several times before and has yet to learn that they have to spend within their means.


The End of Brooks and Dunn

On August 10 one of the most successful groups in country music announced that they would go their separate ways when they have finished their “Last Rodeo Tour” next summer. While there had been rumors of the duo’s imminent demise for years, those who follow the philosophy “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” were left scratching their heads. They are icons who have sold millions of records, why throw all that away? Well rumors have been swirling that they haven’t gotten along for years or that they are doing this as a publicity stunt to sell even more records although neither of them has confirmed either rumor.


Bizarre in Flight Entertainment

Here’s something you though you’d never see on your flight... a crazed naked man. A flight from Oakland to Las Vegas had to return to the Oakland International Airport on August 20 after a male passenger, later identified as Darius Chappille, exposed himself to the female passenger. When the woman screamed, he hit her and then got into a shoving match with flight attendants before stripping naked. Chappille had been wanted for drug charges at the time and was arrested, while still naked, by 10 sheriff’s deputies upon landing in Oakland.


Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

I know what you’re thinking, a list like this is not complete without Kanye West. And you would be right. At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on September 13, Kanye did the unthinkable when he stormed the stage and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Swift had won the award for Best Female Video (her first VMA) and Kanye ripped the microphone out of her hand and said “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you. Imma let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time.” Later in the night when Beyonce won for Video of theYear she called Taylor up to finish her speech. West apologized on his blog that night but it was quickly taken down and he later appeared on Leno where he tried to explain and apologies. I think Kanye needs to grow up and stop picking on 19-year-old girls.


David Letterman Scandal

On September 30 David Letterman came forward with a story of being blackmailed by 48 Hours producer Joe Halderman. Halderman asked for $2 million to keep Letterman’s affairs with female Late Show staffers out of a movie and a book. By coming forward himself he hoped to lessen the blow on those involved, including himself, however, the media took the story and ran with it, badgering current staff members and his family. The following Monday, Letterman apologized to his staff and family, claiming that “Inadvertently, I just wasn’t thinking ahead.” No matter what happens with the investigation, this scandal and how he has dealt with it will leave an indelible mark on Letterman’s career.


The Balloon Boy Hoax

On October 15, it was reported that a six-year-old boy had floated away from Fort Collins, Colorado in a home made balloon. The media widely circulated the story and emergency crews and National Guard helicopters were brought in to rescue Falcon Heene (who was dubbed Balloon Boy by the media) only to find that he was not in the balloon. In fact he had been hiding in his house the entire time and suspicions quickly arose that the incident had been a hoax and publicity stunt. The family had been featured on WifeSwap and was pitching a reality show to TLC and used the incident to become more well known. Recently the boy’s parents plead guilty to the charges that were filed against them. Richard will face 90 days in prison and four-year probation, and Mayumi will get 20 days, and the family is banned from profiting off of the hoax for the next four years. In my opinion they should have their children taken away from them before they teach them how to break other laws too.


Adam Lambert at the American Music Awards

At this year’s AMAs on November 22, American Idol runner up, Adam Lambert’s performance was the talk of the night. Lambert closed the show with “For Your Entertainment” and the performance included simulated oral sex, walking dancers on a leash and forcing his keyboardist into a kiss. Lambert later stated that “Female performers have been doing this for years- pushing the envelope about sexuality- and the minute a man does it everybody freaks out. We’re in 2009, its time to take risks, be a little more brave, time to open people’s eyes, and if it offends them, then maybe I’m not for them.” Despite this explanation, or maybe because of it, ABC pulled his performance on Good Morning America the following week because they “were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.” The thing that really made me put this on the list is the negative reaction this got because he’s right, if it was a woman we wouldn’t be talking about it.


Tiger Woods Affair

On November 27 Tiger was driving his Cadillac SUV when he crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree in his neighbor’s yard. After the accident, information came out that he and his wife Elin Nordegrin had been arguing about an affair he had with VIP hostess Rachel Uchitel. As the weeks went on, more and more mistresses emerged from the woodwork. On December 11he finally admitted to his infidelity and he no longer had the clean-cut image that his sponsors were looking for and he was dropped. Tiger also announced that he stepped away from golf until things settle down. On December 15, things got even worse for Tiger when The New York Times reported that his sports doctor, Anthony Galea was under investigation by the FBI for providing Actovegin, a growth hormone, to athletes. This is what you call karma, you go around hurting people, and it all comes back to you.

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