These Are 10 of the Most Dangerous Modern Beauty Trends

  • July 24, 2017
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Treating Hair With Fire

For those of you looking to take eyelash curling to the extreme, one YouTuber advocates using fire. It's as easy as holding a burning piece of wood close to your eye! It should go without saying that sticking a burning anything near your eyes is a bad idea (and the host at least has the foresight to mention this) but we aren't so sure this has stopped people form following her advice.


Rubber Band Braces

Doing expensive medical procedures yourself is a dangerous thing. That hasn't stopped people with zero training from entering the world of orthodontics, however. Can you properly control the strength of a rubber band as it pulls at your teeth? Well, it can cause said teeth to fall out, so probably not.


Sunburn Tattoos

Sunburns are already dangerous. Intentionally getting a sunburn so as to leave a specific design on your body, while perhaps aesthetically pleasing, just means you'll have something pretty to think about during the skin cancer diagnosis. Doctors shouldn't have to write lengthy explanations on why this is a terrible idea.


A4 Waist Challenge

A4 refers to a size of paper (roughly eight inches wide). Currently popular in China, social media users participate by holding a piece of paper in front of their waist to show off that they are thinner than paper is wide. People who achieve this measurement risk being underweight depending on their height, among other issues.


Fish Pedicures

A species of fish nicknamed the “doctor fish” will eat away at the dead, callused skin of your feet, and some spas offer this as a professional treatment. Here's the thing: it's incredibly unhygienic. The fish themselves can carry fungal infections and the common methods used to treat the water—UV light—aren't very effective at actually cleaning it.