These Are 10 of the Most Dangerous Modern Beauty Trends

  • July 24, 2017
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Everyone has something about their physical appearance they want to change. But some of us take things to dangerous extremes without even realizing it. This is a list of ten recent beauty trends that can have dire consequences.

“#8 Hurts More Than You Think”


Kylie Jenner Challenge

With some of the items on this list there's usually safe ways to achieve the end result. If you want fuller, larger lips, one of those safe ways isn't sucking into bottles or small glasses. The results may seem okay at first but the physical issues, like nerve damage or bruising, are less than ideal.


Corset Training

The phrase “risk of organ displacement” gets thrown around around a lot these days, but... actually, it doesn't. But it's a very real risk for those who seek to reshape their body through extensive use of corsets. That is a worst case scenario, but other risks can be just as bad, including internal bruising or impaired breathing.


Brazilian Blowout

It sounds like a fun time but this treatment, which aims to make hair feel smoother without the usual burning sensation of usual straightening treatments, contains formaldehyde. At room temperature or higher, formaldehyde creates short-term and long-term problems, ranging from nose bleeds to leukemia and cancer. Is it worth it?


Gel Manicures

Seen as an easier approach to the traditional manicure, the risk that arises from this treatment isn't to the nails themselves, but rather the skin of the hands. Part of the process is UV drying. Given what we know about UV tanning and its increased risks of cancer, it's safe to assume that the same risks apply to gel manicures.


Eyelash Growth Drugs

Latisse is a drug that promotes eyelash growth. While that's cool and everything, it also promotes eye itchiness and, perhaps more concerning, permanent and irreversible change in eye color. Wouldn't mascara be easier?