These 9 Documentaries Lied to You

  • October 11, 2017
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Forks Over Knives

While advocating for the vegan lifestyle FoK makes a poor choice by looking to Nazi-controlled Norway for evidence. It concludes that Nazis claiming livestock for themselves left the citizens with a meatless diet, which greatly reduced the number of deaths caused by respiratory diseases. It's wrong to assume that there was no access to meat just because Nazis took livestock, but focusing on one category of deaths to create a link is incredibly misleading.



One of the key scenes in this 2010 anti-fracking documentary is of a man setting his tap water on fire, implying that chemicals released by fracking have leaked into the water supply. What the film conveniently leaves out is how reports of people lighting their tap water on fire in the area go back to at least the Seventies. It's not a unique phenomenon and predates fracking by a considerable margin.


White Wilderness

Maybe the greatest staged-documentary moment that still haunts pop-culture is in this film. A scene that depicts migrating lemmings throwing themselves off a ledge into the sea below is deceiving on several fronts: it was filmed at the Bow River, not the Arctic Ocean; the breed of lemmings shown do not even migrate; and the lemmings themselves were pushed.


Generation KKK

This A&E documentary series was canceled at the last second when participants revealed that the producers provided them with a narrative that the series was intended to follow, essentially making a reality show out to be a genuine documentary. By the confessions of those being filmed, it seems that almost everything caught on camera was to be staged to some degree.