These 12 Photos Reveal the Truth of Famous Locations

  • August 27, 2016
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The Little Mermaid Statue

Copenhagen's famous statue is, like the Alamo, little more than a tourist attraction these days, which makes it a constant target of vandalism. What's more, the statue is a lot smaller than most believe thanks to widely-publicized close-up shots.


Ryugyong Hotel

North Korea's famous one-hundred-and-five floor building has been under construction for ages, Despite a very sleek face on the outside, the inside remains almost entirely unfinished.


The White House

As part of Washington, D.C., it makes sense that the nation's most important building would be surrounded by other buildings... yet few photos show just how close it is to everything else.


The Mona Lisa

Good luck finding the famous painting. It seems so minuscule at The Louvre, occupying the massive wall all on its own.


The Statue of Liberty

The standing space inside of the Statue of Liberty's head is actually quite small. It's basically just the crown, despite how it's been depicted in movies and television.


The Forbidden City

Used to house Chinese emperors for nearly five-hundred years, there's nothing forbidden about these ninety-plus buildings these days. The Forbidden City now serves as a museum, and the seclusion it once had is long gone. It sits in the shadows of today's tall buildings.