These 12 Photos Reveal the Truth of Famous Locations

  • August 27, 2016
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what's seen by that eye is in the hands of the photographer. Many historic or iconic photos are carefully taken, creating images that stick with us forever. But when you go to see these places yourself, reality sets in...

You'll never see #1 and #6 the same way again.


Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Unfortunately, in the modern world, capitalism has to have its way. This is a photo of the pyramids from a nearby KFC.


Central Park

Anyone who has walked the streets of New York City can tell you that the view from the ground is dominated by massive buildings. It's not until you get an aerial shot of Central Park that you understand how thoroughly urbanization has confined nature.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

Beautiful on the outside, the inside of the Leaning Tower hasn't been updated much since construction. It's largely hollow, and there's no handrails on the staircases leading to the top.


The Great Wall of China

It's the most famous fortification in history, but the photos of it you've seen most often are carefully selected. Large swaths of the wall haven't stood the test of time and are rundown and broken.


The Las Vegas Strip

At night it's bigger than life with beautiful neon lights, but during the day it just looks hokey.


The Alamo

Remember the Alamo... if you can find it! Is it a piece of American history or a tourist trap? Is there a difference?