These 12 Photos Prove How Strange Nature Is

  • September 21, 2016
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For all the things we think we know about the world around us, some things in nature are still inexplicable. But even in instances where we know what's going on, we can't help but be awed by it. These twelve photos show some of the most bizarre, breath-taking photos of nature's strange goings-on.

Think you know the world? Check out #2 and #8.


A Strange Pattern

These wings may look like a digital manipulation, but they aren't. What sports team does it play for?


The Most Beautiful Tree

No, that's not paint. That's the rainbow eucalyptus, a tree whose bark changes color and hue as it ages and strips off.


That's Not Lava

In the second week of February the setting sun hits Oregon's Horsetail Falls in such away that it glows orange, giving it the look of fire.


Sea Circles

These beautiful and intricate circles are the result of puffer fish flapping their fins. Looks like an ancient pattern to us.


Welcome to Hell

This is a natural gas field in Turkmenistan. It collapsed in 1971, expanding into an underground cave. It was set alight to prevent the spread of methane gas and has been burning since then. To put this into scale, it's roughly the size of a football field.