These 11 Buildings HAVE to Be the Ugliest in the World

  • February 03, 2016
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Renmin Ribao HQ (China)

The People's Daily is the major newspaper of China and has been since 1948. It's so important that it's published in at least thirteen languages. However, none of this explains why its main building is shaped like a massive penis. Make of that what you will.


First World Hotel (Malaysia)

With a whopping seven-thousand, three-hundred and fifty-one rooms, it's the largest hotel in the world. But clearly none of the stars from its three-star rating came from its exterior color choices. It's like the building itself is wearing a tacky vacation shirt.


Pyramid of Tirana (Albania)

Originally built as a museum to honor Enver Hoxha, the country's first communist leader, this building has been re-purposed many times since 1991 and has since had all references to Hoxha removed. The exterior has fallen into disrepair and is covered in graffiti, which should tell you everything you need to know about the man's legacy.


Federation Square (Australia)

This Melbourne development is massive (3.2 hectares), making its unsightly features that much worse. Though the functions of the facility are appreciated the most common criticisms are that the design is overly complicated and the exterior looks disheveled.


Aoyama Technical College (Japan)

On one hand you can forgive the design for being difficult if that's the point (the school claims it promotes “tolerance through chaos”), but for some that's simply too hard to accept.