These 10 Real Creatures Could Be Monsters

  • July 10, 2017
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We as humans have the tendency to put elements of nature into boxes: “Fish look like this, insects look like this.” Of course we make exceptions for some variation, but when certain elements combine in ways we're unfamiliar with we don't know how to process them. Below is a list of ten creatures found in nature that manage to defy norms and look out of this world.

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Eunice Aphroditois

Also called the Bobbit Worm due the vicious way it cuts its prey in half, this sea creature's appearance doesn't cause it much trouble: it's something of a stealthy predator, lying in wait, burying itself with its antenna exposed, and striking undetected by its victims.


Poodle Moth

The recently discovered (2009) poodle moth is extremely off-putting so some due to its furry appearance. The unusual sight of fur or fine hair on an insect send shivers down our spines, at least, recalling the likes of the tarantula.


Coconut Crab

These crabs can grow over three-feet long in their sixty-year life spans. Tough not necessarily harmful to humans (the pinch is described as painful, though not severely damaging), humans are its only predator. Different cultures consider its meat a delicacy and some even think it an aphrodisiac.


Goliath Bird-Eater

Though the name is somewhat misleading (its primary diet isn't birds, though it is known to eat them when the opportunity arises), this is one of the largest tarantulas in the world. Making its home in South America, it has a painful (though non-lethal) bite.


Atlantic Wolffish

This bottom dweller has quite the mug: its jaw has several fangs backed by three rows of teeth on the top and two on the bottom. Its mix of molars, conical, and crushing teeth stand out even among the unusual biology lurking on the ocean floor. Sadly, it's near extinction.