These 10 Animals Have Unbelievable Abilities

  • June 27, 2017
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Despite our best attempts to classify it, nature will not be put into a simple box. Animals have evolved in ways that we are still struggling to understand long after their discoveries. These are only ten such examples.

“How does #6 endure the pain?”



The way that this fish hunts has been compared to how humans use spears: the fish fires a stream of water through the surface and air at a precise angle to knock insects into the water, where it snaps them up. The archer fish actually rotates its eyes to account for the distorted view of seeing things beneath the water's surface. The “how” of this attack wasn't truly understood until 2013.


Peregrine Falcon

This bird is among the fastest animals on the planet, but only when it is going in for the kill: its attack dive can reach record speeds of two-hundred miles and forty miles per hour. Cheetahs don't even come close to that. Of course, much of that speed comes from harnessing the wind.



You may know this creature better as the dragon millipede, which makes its home in throughout Southeast Asia. At first glance you'd think that its many spines make it a formidable foe, but its real power is in the production of hydrogen cyanide. No bombardier beetle, but not bad.


Sea Cucumber

This creature dwells at the bottom of the sea all around the world. Its simple appearance hides a complex defense: evisceration. The sea cucumber is able to expel its organs out of its body in an effective form of self-defense. Though this sounds fatal it can regenerate the lost organs in a few weeks.


Pistol Shrimp

Shrimp aren't known for their physical prowess, so they have to make due with crafty defense mechanisms. The pistol shrimp snaps is claws to create bubbles. Doesn't sound too intimidating, right? But get this: when the bubble collapses it has an estimated temperature of 5000 K. The mantis shrimp utilizes a similar attack.