The Ten Movies With Forgotten Sequels

  • October 15, 2010
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"Donnie Darko"


Notable mostly for launching a hugely popular cover of a Tears for Fears song:



…and for a truly awful director's cut, not to mention an ending that wasn't exactly a sequel hook, "Donnie Darko" wasn't going to be getting a sequel anytime soon. Or so we thought: apparently a total lack of demand didn't stop the studio from making the sequel "S. Darko", which is basically just "Donnie Darko" set in Utah and with absolutely nothing good about it.


"Wrong Turn"

In the course of researching this article, we looked at a lot of sequels, but when we saw that there was a "Wrong Turn 3", we had to stop and think for a moment about the original. We remembered that it has Eliza Dushku's sumptuous lips and delicious curves in it, and that she wore a white tank top that clung… to…


Sorry, lost our train of thought. Yeah, anyway, it's got two direct-to-video sequels, that do not have Eliza Dushku. And that's terrible.


Any Jim Carrey movie


We at Weirdworm would like to introduce an important scientific discovery: the First Law of Jim Carrey. The First Law states "In any movie which was only profitable because Jim Carrey was in it, the studio will attempt to turn it into a franchise without Jim Carrey. Nobody will notice."

Jim Carrey has been in some iconic, or at least profitable, big movies: "The Mask", "Bruce Almighty", "Dumb and Dumber". However, Jim Carrey also tends to cost, oh, $20 million a picture, so studios would vastly prefer it if Jim Carrey just went away while the movies stayed successful. This, of course, never happens.




David Cronenberg loves nothing more than movies that make your head explode, but fortunately translated that love into making character’s heads explode, spawning a clip that's probably pretty familiar:


Recognize that? If you've been on the Internet for more than a day, it should.

Despite the first movie mostly being successful by the standards of giving the Internet one of its favorite GIF files, they decided to pull the trigger on a second and third one. But even that isn't as weird as the attempt to completely reboot the franchise, namely "Scanner Cop", which is about a cop who can make your head explode.

No, without a gun.


"Bring It On"


Look, we like cheerleaders. OK, scratch that, we LOVE cheerleaders. Cheerleaders combine everything that is absolutely inappropriate into one compact, nubile… flexible… respected member of society.

OK, before the “To Catch A Predator” crew shows up, we'll just note that from a modest big-screen success, namely "Bring It On", there have so far been four, count 'em, four sequels featuring cheerleaders. All of which you can basket-toss straight into the trashcan where they belong.

Have some more sequels that should probably remain forgotten? Give us your review in the comments section below!

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