The Strangest Covers Ever Recorded

  • August 02, 2010
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"Raining Blood" - Tori Amos


Tori Amos loves turning out covers. She put out an entire official album of them, "Strange Little Girls", and insists on doing an entire section of covers in every concert. This is mostly to feed more bootleg material to her rabid fans and give the rest of us music that doesn't feature insane chicks on a piano singing about their sex lives.

Still, even with Amos' noted insanity and relentless touring schedule, we would have thought the dulcet tones of Slayer, especially their metal hit "Raining Blood", wouldn't be on her radar. Boy, were we ever wrong. Amos apparently loves covering this song, probably because it makes heads explode.


"Iron Man" - the Cardigans


We admit it: we have a soft spot for the Cardigans. "Lovefool" is one of the most cheerfully depressing love songs ever recorded. They're generally pretty weird, as fitting most bands from Norway. But like any band, they've had their bad ideas, and none of them were worse than this one.

No, this isn't some other "Iron Man" song. This is the Black Sabbath song that we all know and love, turned into a trip-hop monstrosity. We wonder what Ozzy thinks of this? Maybe they kept it away from him because it would have driven him back to drugs. In fact, it’s probably best for anyone whose attended rehab to keep away from this track.


"Low Rider" - Exodus


You know, enough of these metal musicians getting savaged by pop acts! Let's have some pop acts savaged by metal musicians!

"Low Rider" is, as you might remember, a ridiculously peppy song about having your muffler drag on the ground, with the catchiest and most annoying horn line ever written. Exodus decided to take that and turn it into a shrieking metal song. And it is absolutely awesome. The only way it could be more awesome is if it had that horn line.


"Material Girl" - KDFDM


Madonna is, inarguably, one of the most popular musicians to ever hit the airwaves. This makes her many things. Rich, beloved and (most vexingly) a favorite target of experimental metal bands.

There's not much we can say about this; the song, turned from poppy dance number to terrifying techno-metal horror, kind of says it all.


"Dream Weaver" - Crowbar


We thought we'd close this list with a little Crowbar, who usually sing songs like "Existence is Punishment", "No Quarter" and "All I Had (I Gave)". So, pretty much exactly the kind of band you'd expect to cover Gary Wright's upbeat and happy song about a woman who filters through his dreams.

Let us know what cover you find most loathesome by posting a comment below! Written by Dan Seitz – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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