The Strange Redesign of the Barbie Doll

  • August 08, 2016
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Starting in 2015, toy company Mattel began the process of updating the iconic Barbie line to better line-up with a more diverse demographic. It began with new skin tons and elasticities for the doll, and in 2016 they responded to criticisms of unrealistic proportions by adding new body types.

Half a century later, the iconic doll had a major facelift. Some argue that #2 and #3 have missed the point.


The Original Is Still Around

They haven't retired the original design entirely, as seen above. Though they've updated her clothing to match modern fashion trends, a doll based on the familiar Barbie design still exists.



For years consumers voiced concerns that Barbie instilled unrealistic or otherwise impossible beauty standards in impressionable kids. To combat this Mattel is releasing a curvy body type, seen above.



Wanting no one to feel left out of the fun, they released a tall figure, too.


And Petite, Too


But It's Not Just New Fashions

But It's Not Just New Fashions

The clothes aren't the only thing that's changed: the dolls are becoming more ethnically diverse, too. / image source