The Five Weirdest Bands From Around the World

  • June 09, 2010
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The list would not be complete without at least one weird band from America. According to the band, GWAR was banished on earth after trying to wage battle against the Master of the Universe, who had created them to crush his enemies. After GWAR destroyed the dinosaurs, they were imprisoned in an iceberg until the present day, when the hairspray from glam rock bands damaged the ozone layer enough to melt their iceberg and free them. Who knows? It might be true.

The band, active since 1984, has explored several musical directions, but at the moment their sound is mostly metal. These days, lead vocalist and only remaining original member Oderus Urungus can often be seen as a guest on the late-night news program Red Eye.


The Burka Band

the burka band

Over the years, many bands and musicians have made a big deal about hiding their identities. Many perform masked, others with heavy makeup. A lot of musicians also perform under fake names. There are various motives behind this, but most of the time the desire to hide their identity probably comes from fear of their fans realizing what big dorks they once were:

the burka band01

Marilyn Manson

The Afghan women in this band, on the other hand, keep their identities secret because they’re worried that they’ll be murdered by Islamic fanatics. When the Taliban was in power in Afghanistan, music was forbidden altogether, and music performed by women was way out. Even now, it’s dangerous to out yourself as a female musician. So when they released their only music video in 2003, they did it covered head to toe in burkas. When the song became a hit in Germany, several of the band members travelled there to play, but were forced to keep their identities secret in their homeland.

the burka band02

The Burka Band is currently inactive due to the lead singer having to move to Pakistan to find singing work, but the drummer, still anonymous and living in Afghanistan, has expressed hope in playing again in the future.

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