The Best and Worst Theories About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

  • March 22, 2014
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The Plane has Landed but is Being Hidden Away

We aren’t entirely sure why anyone would reroute a plane after turning off the transponder, only to fly it to some remote destination and land safely, but that’s a theory that’s being bandied about on the internet. Some people are suggesting that, for whatever reasons, the pilots simply decided they wanted to go off the grid and apparently settle in some exotic foreign country. Never mind the fact that this theory would need the cooperation of over 200 passengers, but the fact of the matter is a Boeing 777 is a massive plane, and not exactly something that can be casually hidden away after landing. We think whoever came up with this theory has watched Con Air one too many times, personally.


It was a Hijacking

One of the theories that actually seems moderately reasonable is the concept that the plane was simply hijacked. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a plane has been hijacked, and it also certainly wouldn’t be the first act of terror to take place on a passenger airplane. One of the things that lends some credence to this theory is the fact that the pilots of the plane were never particularly shy about opening the cockpit to a few choice passengers, having invited women in on previous flights. In addition, several of the passengers were reportedly traveling on stolen passports under false identities, though at this point it’s believed they were simply attempting to emigrate to Europe. Still, the fact that there’s been no sign of the plane and no demands made by any hijackers makes us think this one probably isn’t true. Or, if it was a hijacking, it simply went horribly wrong and the plane crashed into the ocean.


The Black Hole Theory

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the leading conspiracy theories about the disappearance of flight 370 links it to supposed phenomena like the Bermuda Triangle. Naturally when a plane vanishes, people are going to latch onto the supernatural, or in this case, a black hole theory. It’s actually been suggested, and brought up on Yahoo! and CNN that the flight may have vanished through a black hole, which is a theory that people with anything resembling a brain have been quick to dismiss. One such person is Mary Schiavo, a former employee of the US Department of Transportation who, when asked about the possibility of a black hole, was quick to point out that “the Bermuda Triangle is often weather and Lost is a TV show.” Well put, Mary.

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