The Best and Worst Theories About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

  • March 22, 2014
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Over the last several weeks, the story that has dominated headlines has been the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which departed from Kuala Lumpur and began making its way to Beijing, only to drop completely off the radar and vanish 40 minutes into the flight. Naturally, conspiracy theories and tales of potential hijackings gone awry have sprung up all around the internet. Some of the theories have been reasonable and logical. Others have been, well, less so.


The Invisibility Theory

As far as we’re aware, the only person to have ever perfected invisibility when it comes to planes is Wonder Woman, and to the best of our knowledge that’s not a technology she’s ever been willing to share. Also, she’s a fictional character. That isn’t stopping people from suggesting that the plane cannot be found because it was outfitted with a new invisibility technology that cloaks it from view. One of the driving reasons some kooks are latching onto this theory is the fact that 20 of the passengers aboard flight 370 worked for a company called Freescale Semiconductor, which provides technology to organizations including NASA.


Courtney Love Found the Plane

When it comes to conspiracy theories and nutjobs, it doesn’t get much better than Courtney Love since she falls under both umbrellas. After all, she’s been linked to one of the most notorious celebrity conspiracy theories ever with the death of her late husband Kurt Cobain. Anyway, this isn’t so much a conspiracy theory on Courtney Love’s part so much as a quick Microsoft Paint job in which she claims to have actually found the plane about a mile from where it lost contact. She also claims there’s some sort of oil spill in the area, though we aren’t entirely sure what she’s suggesting caused both the oil spill and the plane crash.


It was Aliens, Man

You can’t really talk about a mysterious disappearance without bringing up aliens, can you? Not surprisingly this isn’t a theory that’s gaining a whole lot of traction, but that’s not stopping people all over social media from suggesting that during the flight an alien craft swooped down and sucked up the plane and all of its passengers. No motivation was really given, of course, but then again who knows what those nutty aliens want this time? Probably just haven’t done much probing lately and were getting a little antsy. While we’re at it with the theory about aliens, may we take it in a slightly different direction and suggest it may have had something to do with the Langoliers?


The Plane was Shot Down by a Hostile Country

This is a conspiracy being championed by the conspiracy theory-loving, blowhard nutjob himself, Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh suggested that somewhere along the flight’s path, there was electronic failure that put the plane in the dark, both literally and in terms of communications. And since they were unable to communicate on their way back to Kuala Lumpur – oh, by the way, that’s part of his theory, that they turned around and were headed back – an unnamed “hostile country” decided it would be a good idea to shoot them down. On top of that, Limbaugh believes that the mistake was discovered, meaning that this whole thing has been a massive cover-up. Because of course it has, Rush. Seems totally logical.