The 9 Weirdest Looking Cat Breeds

  • January 18, 2010
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This adorable cat is truly unique in that is has very short little legs. These cats were first observed in the 1940s but then they disappeared after the war. They reappeared after two munchkin cats were found in the 1980s and they were bred. Despite their short legs these cats can do everything that normal cats can.




Cornish Rex

If you like the look of the Spinx but would rather have a cat with at least a little fur, then the Cornish Rex might be for you. This cat has short curly fur that really makes it unique among cats and they are popular among people who suffer from allergies because they lack the hair that is present on most cats. This is a relatively new breed of cats as they were created from the genetic mutation of a litter of cats in the 1950s.

cornish rex



The Sphinx

This strange cat is perhaps one of the most popular among strange cat breeds because this particular cat has made an appearance in a few movies as the pet of evil villains. The reason for that is pretty clear because this cat can definitely look evil if it wanted to. But if you want a cat that is so ugly it’s cute the Sphinx is for you.

the sphinx



Devon Rex

This cat looks very similar to the Cornish Rex but they have no genetic relation. They have soft down fur that is very curly. They are also known for their very large low-set ears and very large eyes. This unique cat is very adorable and is a far cry from the appearance of a regular short-haired cat. Another unique attribute about this cat is that they loved to sit perched on their owner’s shoulder just like parrot. They are also very playful and friendly cats.

devon rex



Ugliest Cat In The World

While these cats may look truly bizarre you can be sure that no breed can compare to the random abnormalities that can occur in certain litters. This is evidenced by the cat that has been affectionately dubbed the ugliest cat in the world.

Ugly Bat Boy lives in a Veterinarian’s office in Boston and is said to be a very affectionate cat for anyone that is willing to look past his rather…unique appearance.

ugliest cat


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