The 4 Strangest Cryptids

  • June 01, 2010
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Sea Monk

sea monk

Beats most of the X-Files creatures of the week.

The sea monk is a cryptid that was sighted around the waters of Denmark in the fifteen hundreds. It is supposed to an aquatic animal, sea monster, or some sort of caped banana-human hybrid, depending on who you ask. Since its apparent sighting about a half a century ago, it has become popular in local folklore and a recognizable mythological image. It was named the sea monk after it’s slight resemblance to, of course, a monk (a testament to the creativity of the Danes). Other, admittedly less hilarious, reports of this creature have a less banana-like face with more human features, as well as a full tail instead of legs. Some hypothesise that the sea monk could indeed be a Danish version of a mermaid, another popular cryptid.

There are many theories as to what the sea monk really is; some believing that it was actually a walrus, and whoever saw it was either incredibly drunk or legally blind. Others say it could perhaps be various other sea creatures, such as a seal, an angel shark, or a monkfish. A commonly accepted theory is that the sea monk was perhaps a large squid, with its tentacles being similar to a set of legs and it’s large mantle acting as the ‘cape’ of the monk. A few believe that the sea monk actually exists, and technically, it is impossible to disprove it. Who knows, it could indeed be a real creature, as many animals, such as the gorilla were once considered to be cryptids. Personally, we’d like to believe it is some sort of wild Pokemon.


Springheeled Jack

springheeled jack

ha-HA! Cower at my well pressed Haggar slacks!

Some may be reluctant to call Springheeled Jack an actual cryptid, but it’s classification highly depends on what exactly it is. Some consider him to be an actual person, others think he’s some sort of demon or boogeyman, who was seen in Victorian era England. Depending on whom you ask, Springheeled Jack has very cool demon-like features, such as long, sharp claws, a demonic cowl, and dark wings. Others consider it to simply be a costume. Springheeled Jack earned his name by being sighted jumping great distances with ease, leaping over buildings and gates like no human could.

Springheeled Jack became highly infamous during this time, some viewed him as a criminal, while others called him a folklore hero. The interesting thing about him is that sightings were only reported within a 50 year period, implying that Springheeled Jack, may indeed one single person or individual, and not a species, like the other creatures on this list.

While some believe he is a demon with more supernatural powers, many people believed that he was actually a real, person, Henry Beresford, an Irish nobleman, who used to enjoy ‘springing on travellers unawares, to frighten them’. Beresford was publicly humiliated by the police and various women, and may have created the character to get revenge by frightening the lot of them. Some state that his vast resources could have helped him and his friends (said to be inventors of various machines) to create some sort of springheeled boot to help him jump great heights. If he was indeed the Springheeled Jack, he would officially become the Victorian version of Batman.

Written by Derek James – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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