Ten Really Weird Zombie Movies

  • July 12, 2010
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Flesh-Eating Mothers


Far be it from us to say that any writer or director has parent issues. How a person is raised can have a profound effect on them, sure, but not every movie with a lousy parent is some screenwriter trying to work out his daddy issues and get paid for it. These people are professionals!

Then again, this movie is about suburban moms who sleep around all the time catching a venereal disease that turns them into zombies. Then they try to eat their children. And the only cure is to be stabbed in the rear end with a needle.

Paging Doctor Freud. Doctor Freud to this guy's house immediately.


Rock n' Roll Nightmare


Finally, the thing we've all wanted, nay, needed in our lives: a zombie movie starring a Canadian hair metal band fronted by a Canadian bodybuilder, namely Jon Mikl Thor, and his creatively named hair metal band: Thor. To be fair, with a name like that, what's the guy supposed to do? Become an accountant? He was probably voted "Most Likely to Rawk" by his yearbook committee.

Jon's got a lot of affection for the zombie genre, having previously starred in the absolutely terrible, and in fact MST3K worthy, movie "Zombie Nightmare", which featured Tia Carrera and absolutely nothing else to recommend it. Since then, he's gone on to star in a Lifetime movie.

No, seriously.

Also, his metal band is still around, putting out albums with titles like "Devastation of Musculation", which means as long as Jon Mikl Thor walks the Earth, the '80s will never die.


Dead and Breakfast


Fine, fine, we admit it, aside from the fact that it's set in New Zealand and features one of the many hot chicks from Buffy (the one who got killed by Angelus), there's not much to make this one unique.

But man, do we ever love that pun. Plus, it's got a highly entertaining cheeky sense of humor that deserves to be rewarded.


Hard Rock Zombies


What, you thought there was only ONE pathetic attempt to cross over '80s rock and zombies? You poor sad naive soul. There were several. But this one is unique because the special brownies that made this one were also topped with mescaline.

To say this movie doesn't make sense is to imply that there is a possibility that it could make sense. This possibility simply does not exist. There is nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing, that in any way resembles a coherent or sane plot structure in this movie. This movie is crazy as only movies made by total amateurs on drugs can be, and God bless them for it.


Dead Heat


There was nothing quite so '80s as the buddy cop movie. Or as Joe Piscopo. Or as Treat Williams. Or as cheap zombie effects. So…why not mix together all four?

Surprisingly, despite the presence of the single least funny Saturday Night Live cast member, "Dead Heat" is actually a lot of fun. It actually tackles its subject interestingly, and features some pretty memorable setpieces, including two zombies trying, and failing miserably, to kill each other with automatic weapons, and an entire Chinese restaurant coming to life at the command of Keye Luke.

You KNOW you want to see this.

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