Ten Free Construction Projects (That Are Really Bad Ideas)

  • September 13, 2010
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Granted, of all the things on the Internet likely to kill you, maim you, or eat your soul, making your own sword is, by far, the absolute safest thing you can do. That doesn't make it intelligent, but it's not likely to leap up and chop your hand off.

That said, encouraging people to find long strips of steel, wrap one end in electrical tape and foam, and sharpen the other end with an industrial angle grinder doesn't really strike us as an awesome idea either. Mostly because of that angle grinder part.


Rocket Launcher


To be fair to these hackers, the "rocket" in question is a (somewhat) harmless home rocket, not some sort of death-dealing device firing straight at your opponents. And they're just teenagers... teenagers build stuff like this because girls remain frustratingly out of reach for them. We used to bubble methane through detergent to make fiery bubbles of doom, so who are we, really, to judge?

But considering how many survivalist idiots are out there, it's really only a matter of time before somebody actually builds this thing and tries to use it on, say, Obama's convoy. It will go horribly wrong, of course, because the key word in the phrase "survivalist idiot" is "idiot." But still.


Jet Engine


Again, we have to respect the guys at Pulse-Jets.com for making what seems to be a fairly stable design and testing it as safely as humanly possible . We just have to question the logic of releasing plans like this to the general public.

Why? Well, imagine all the things out there that you can attach jet engines to. Do you know anybody who wants to attach a jet engine to them that is, in fact, remotely qualified to build one, or attach it to anything other than their last will and testament? No? There you go then.

But we guess it could be worse, it's not like there's a homemade jet pack. Well, there is, but the guy hasn't released the plans on the Internet yet.


Hydrogen Generator


We will say this about generating your own hydrogen. It is, in fact, possible. It's simple, even. And it doesn't look like, thanks to our extensive training in everything but actual science, that these plans won't work..

But the thing is, do you really want them to? This generates hydrogen. Hydrogen, not to put too fine a point on it, is really highly explosive and likely to consume you in an all engulfing horrible flame. What could possibly be a worse idea?


Homemade Motorcycle


You know, forget we said anything.

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